Why are Ontario media & unions so afraid of “Right To Work” legislation?

Today the Sun’s Christine Blizzard mentions that Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader is having a bad week because there is allegedly disagreement in his PC caucus about the “Right to Work” legislative option in their platform. Why I can’t image given the whole notion of right to work is to give every single member the option in order to get and keep a specific job.

Why would any sensible person disagree with democracy within the labour movement?

Which brings me to the one question I have for union bosses who hate the ONPC policy that proposes “Right to Work legislation for Ontario workersWhat are you so afraid of?

If your union members are happy with what you are doing, why would they ever consider opting out? If, however, they are not happy with what you are doing and how you are spending their dues, why is it that you demand and expect compelled subservience? If solidarity and unity is so important, is there nothing you can do or change that would motivate your membership to want membership in your union?

The crux of the matter is that Ontario, like the rest of Canada, is a democracy. It is a democracy except for union membership. In my opinion, then, I think Hudak, and his PC candidates, should deal with this policy head on in both the Niagara Falls, Thornhill by-elections.

So, I ask again: When it comes to “Right to Work” legislation, what are the unions  bosses afraid of?


H/T Bonefishcove for the idea for this post.

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