100 reasons to vote for Harper Conservatives on Oct. 19, 2015!


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Here is a link to my post on the “100 reasons to vote for the Harper Conservatives on October 19th, 2015. And, no, I am not connected in any way to the Conservative Party of Canada, be it as a staffer, volunteer or contributor. I am just an ordinary retirement aged citizen who has seen a lot of governments come and go over the years.

Why am I doing this? I am doing this to set the record straight as there is a lot of misinformation out there. For example, contrary to what many think, the Harper PMO is no different in terms of “caucus discipline,”  “issues management” or “messaging” than any other PMO, no matter which political party was in power. To think otherwise is just plain naïve.

Please note that I will not approve comments that are not polite and productive because none of the items on my list reflect my personal opinion. In fact, each is linked to a non-partisan source, or sources, that explains what that item is about. I realize I have left out some good points but I had to stop somewhere.

In my riding of Niagara Falls, Ontario, I plan to vote for Conservative MP Rob Nicholson.

15 thoughts on “100 reasons to vote for Harper Conservatives on Oct. 19, 2015!

  1. That’s a pretty impressive list,Sandy. Usually the Harper -haters reply with,”he’s a fascist” or “look what he’s done to Canada”,without any idea of fascism, or how Canada is perceived on the world stage.


  2. Mr Mulcair has said we’ve had two recessions during Mr Harper’s time in Office? Wonder how they stacked up with the rest in the world economies? Wondering where i was when this all happened? It’s always easy for Mulcair and Trudeau to toss out a bit of phraseology and run off knowing the media won’t ask for any elaboration.

    Does anyone else think it was a smart move for PM Harper to drop the writ for a longer campaign? The Duffy side show is now off on hiatus until after the election, his legal team can go off and channel Inspector Clouseau , nothing for the media party to go nuts over and people will want more than accusations and outrageous promises. Time for grownups to enter the room.


  3. Liz — Many progressives complain Mr. Harper is a dictator. Where were they during Mr. Chretien’s three terms? Truly, there is a lot of magical thinking going on which is scary. No government is perfect. Mr. Harper has not lied yet I read that in MSM comments continually. What you see is what you get. I don’t think that is the case with Mr. Mulcair. Hopefully, the silent majority will come through for Mr. Harper. What the pollsters are not saying is what is happening in Ontario’s three way race. Total numbers don’t tell us anything.


  4. I remember when the pollsters told us that it was a tie between Dion and Harper and Ignatieff and Harper and we know how those elections turned out. However, there will be no minority government this time. If that were to happen — a Conservative minority — the NDP and Libs would call for a coalition and we have no idea what Mr. Johnson would do. Yet, no matter what happens, Canada will survive. Weakened but survive.


  5. Sandy, you are exactly correct that in the event of a minority that the Libs and NDP will simply remove the Conservatives from power and install themselves. The GG must agree to it, but I truly believe the fix is already in due to the manner in which the media is both mainstreaming the idea of a coalition, yet at the same time not being clear about the ramifications of it or how it might come about.

    If it happens don’t expect the coalition to collapse. The Libs and NDP will simply support each others legislation and will do nothing to trigger another election.

    First item on the agenda will be to sign onto biding international climate (socialism) agreements that cede Canadas economic, technological and national sovereignty to the UN (or other world NGO body)

    I think voters need to be asked the question ” in the event of a minority government, do you support the Liberals and NDP removing the duly elected Conservative government and installing themselves without triggering an election”?

    Anyone I ask this question of does not seem to understand that there would not be another automatic election

    Essentially the Libs/NDP get two kicks at the cat to form government – one via the election and two by simply bypassing the electorate and installing themselves into power.

    The question I have not had any journalist answer is show me where else this has happened in a federal election anywhere in a country that follows the Westminster system.

    I realize that this occurred provincially in Ontario – and its been downhill since then – but I cannot find a federal example.

    The only example this is similar to is the one that the media would like to cite as precedent and that is King Byng – but its not an accurate comparison to what is being advocated now.

    But again I cannot find any federal example of the 2nd and 3 place parties replacing the party which received the most votes.

    Though apparently technically possible, that makes such an action highly questionable. I contend that the fact it appears to not have been done despite the plethora of minority governments, that the system was not designed with this in mind.

    The fact that there are not more rules blunting it suggests to me that it was simply a given that honorable gentlemen and ladies would not take such actions. That parties who were not given a mandate by the electorate to govern, would abide by the electorates wishes.

    Also there is a big lie propagated by the media that Harper “attempted the same thing” in 2008 with his letter to the GG.

    It was not the same thing at all. Harper was trying to blunt a second snap election by Martin. The message was that Martin needed to govern. If the intent was to remove Maritn from power, they would have done it. That they did not is evidence it was not the intent.

    Also the idea that the NDP and Liberals “could not work with” a Harper minority government because he is such a big meanie is not supported by history. Harper has presided over two of the longest serving minority governments in Canadian history. How can anyone say he does not work with the opposition or they with him?

    Long post I know.


  6. Ontario is not a three way race though. The CPC’s are way ahead, Trudeau next, then Mulcair. That tells me that the pollsters are trying to make it a race when…..it’s not. What’s astounding to me re: polling trends is that if you look region-by-region fully two-thirds of the ridings aren’t even close races. So, we’re essentially looking to sway a third of the ridings in this election. The CPC can pick up some but the most contentious ridings battles are between the LIberals and NDP…..EXACTLY as we like it IMO.


  7. Did you catch that Iggy commented on Trudeau calling him an “actor” and “a professional politician”. Over at WK’s page. Funny…and that it’s from Iggy…even better fodder for the war rooms.


  8. I believe that the 1985 Ont election will indeed set the guidelines for NDP/Liberal actions, should PMSH fail to win a majority government this time around. If he simply has slightly more seats than the 2nd party, probably NDP, he will be in a similar vulnerable situation to Frank Miller. Rather than support the CPC, I would expect the 2 opposition parties to form a working agreement and defeat the government as soon as possible, allowing the 2nd party to form a government. There would be nothing illegal about such a move; the argument in favour would be that the CPC has formed the government since 2006, it is tired and it is time for change.

    Nothing prevents either party from supporting the CPC in such a scenario, but odds on that happening are long. A lot depends on the popular vote and the actual seat numbers, but I’m sure advisors in both socialist parties are working on such an outcome.
    That is why it is so necessary to win a majority again, to prevent any such maneuvering.


  9. Yes, Bobbie, I caught that. Ignatieff thought he was being complimentary. Funny. When I watched the 1st debate, that is actually what I said out loud. The guy is just acting as he thinks he should. We don’t really know what he is like.


  10. Martin – are you suggesting that the “tired time for a change” argument would be that of the media or the GG?

    Again while there is nothing technically illegal about such a manoeuver, I cannot find any examples of it in a national election under Westminster. Canadians should realize what is being mainstreamed at them re coalition would be a unprecedented. It is not normal at all.

    Yes it might happen under pizza parliaments but that is an entirely different story.

    If any readers out there can point to some examples of such a federal coalition (excluding Ontario Provincial 1985). I would appreciate it.

    Also 1985, I believe that the LG then – John Black Aird said that history would be the judge of his actions (I paraphrase). that is not typically a something that one would say if their actions were considered to be normal course or beneficial.


  11. I’m suggesting what is very likely to happen should CPC. win the most seats, but only a few more than the 2nd party.We can anticipate such a scenario because we saw what happened after the 2008 election; this time around without the separtists their argument will be much easier to make. Precedents at the federal level would be unnecessary, a formal coalition would not be required. All that would be required under the rules is for someone to move a non-confidence motion when Parliament meets and vote to defeat the CPC government at the earliest opportunity.
    If the NDP is the 2nd party, they will be salivating at being so close to power after 55 years, and will have no interest in supporting a CPC government. Liberals have not benefited from propping up other Stephen Harper governments, Trudeau can likely be bought off with a sop to a favourite program.
    If a nc vote defeats the government,I believe the GG hands would be tied and the 2nd party (Probably Mulcair) would be offered the chance to win house support for a new .administration.
    This is a worst case scenario,but because it has never happened before gives no assurance that it cannot occur in 2015. The 1985 Ont example does offer certain similarities.Neither the NDP nor the Liberals were interested in supporting what they perceived as a tired regime (the argument will endlessly be put forth by the media).
    I am suggesting both federal parties would be similarly disinclined to support a minority CPC government in 2015.
    I would be very surprised if discussions were not already underway within the 2 opposition parties regarding such an outcome.


  12. Just read an editorial in the Toronto Star that infuriated me. So, will post later today.


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