Conservatives should stop apologizing for the Harper Government.

I had planned to retire Cotm after October 19th and I still plan to stand back. However, I just had to say something about the attitude among some conservatives that really sucks — be they small “c” or capital “C” — particularly those who are or were in the Conservative caucus, as well as those claiming to be “Blogging Tories.”

Stop apologizing for the so-called “negative and partisan tone” of the Harper Conservative Government.

If the tone in Ottawa was particularly nasty between 2011 and 2015, all the political parties contributed to that. And, if there is any record of nastiness, it was fuelled by the same mainstream media who is fanning the flames now. It is like they can’t help themselves.

Yesterday, for example, Rosie Barton (who I like) at P & P on CBC brought up the “barbaric practices snitch line” and had the Power Panel debate it to death. It is like they just can’t find enough reasons to bash anything conservative. I don’t even think Barton is aware of her bias at times. Yes, it was a strange idea and should never have come up. But, it was never Conservative policy and not part of the actual Harper Government record.

So, what is the media narrative about anything Conservative? That somehow former PM Stephen Harper was mean and nasty and a liar — and by default all his caucus as well.

Well, I’m sorry, but that is absolute nonsense.

  • Stephen Harper was not mean or nasty. Stephen Harper was an introvert and therefore not always showing “sunny ways.” But he was always friendly and prime ministerial. Meaning, he did not do many “selfies” (but he did do them because I have a such photo with him ) which our media seem to think is so cute about PM Justin Trudeau.
  • And, I never ever heard Stephen Harper lie. Ever. Yes, sometimes he had to correct time lines but those statements were never deliberate lies no matter how many false claims to the contrary. In fact, all PMs occasionally have to correct the record.

Oh, and, a couple of things the media and the Liberals like to ignore.

  • The Tories would have won another majority government on October 19th, 2015 had the strategic voting not caused the NDP to collapse.
  • The Trudeau Liberals won a majority government with the same 39% plurality that the Harper Conservatives won in 2011. Yet, I hear nothing about the Trudeau Liberals having cheated, are illegitimate or that 60% didn’t vote for them. Funny that.

All that said, what I don’t understand is why I was one of the few people who came up with lists of accomplishments, particularly the 100 reasons to vote Conservative. That post got up to 50,000 hits over the course of the election. What that tells me is that the Conservative Party let all Canadians down because they didn’t give 4 or 5 reasons for people to vote Conservative.

The crux of the matter is that Stephen Harper was one of the best PMs Canada has ever had and history will prove that point. So conservatives need to stand firm and be proud of the Harper Government record. They also need to stop agreeing with a false media narrative that the partisan nasty tone in Ottawa in recent years was all the Conservatives fault.

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  1. I have noticed that many other wise rational people bought into the propaganda constantly promoted by the Left, especially the media party, of Mr. Harper. He is described and seen as an arrogant autocrat who thrashed democracy. He was supposedly secretive who made all kinds of secret deals behind closed doors, including all agreements with foreign powers. Yet these same people bought into this narrative without questioning and without being able to provide examples of evidence. I am not talking about what most of us call the low information voters, which is what boggles the mind. I conclude that the relentless leftist propaganda must have worked. I also note that had the Conservatives immediately started making major changes and implementing them immediately after winning a majority without Parliament sitting as the Liberals are doing, the Conservatives would have been accused of trampling on democracy, etc., etc.

    I see no reason to apologise for the Conservative government. I have always maintained that the incrementalist approach was a major mistake when they had a majority, and I believe I have been proved correct. I also think they ran a pathetic campaign and assume this was the result of mistaken advisers. Of course none of this matters now.


  2. All true Alain. But, I just had to say something to those who have bought, as you say, the leftist propaganda. Another point: I am already hearing Mr. Dion say he will not change the Tories’ omissions targets at the Paris conference and yet the media is silent.


  3. Great admiration for Harper considering all he had to put up with. Rented a Quebec film Mon Ego about an egotistical broadcaster starring Patrick Huard last night which was quite funny, though with a lot of Quebec in jokes, but of course had a scene where they made fun of Harper and made him out to be stupid. As if he didn’t know where Haiti is. Canada is the second biggest donator to Haiti (don’t think he got many votes from Haitian Canadians however).


  4. Which means Nicola, that the Conservatives have lost more than an election. If they ever want to win power again, they will have to stand up and say what they stand for and if the media don’t like it, they should speak OVER their heads as they have done in the past. It is like a country-wide sense of shame has covered the entire movement. Which is why I wrote this post. Enough already. If some of us need reminding how much good Mr. Harper and his gov’t did, then so be it.


  5. Glad to see you return, however briefly; dialogue on BT has declined recently especially since you and Joanne took a sabbatical. I agree with your views that Conservatives should not blame Stephen Harper for losing the election. Fred Litwin has been especially critical of Harper on his blog here, one comment made was that Harper’s government had accomplished very little in 9 years. Thinking of your list, I tried to bring it up and failed, I half expected you to reply to G&R.
    It is worth remembering Harper was attempting a 4th win something not accomplished since Laurier’s time and only accomplished ever. by he and Macdonald. The odds against it were always very long;
    My impression of the early weeks of the Trudeau government is that they have an adolescent determination to remove every vestige of CPC accomplishment, whether good or bad. My main concern is that they might fail to ratify the TPP, simply because Stephen Harper negotiated it. Easy enough to change what a previous administration did, but at some point they will have to enact policies of their own.


  6. Yes, Martin, I read what Fred had written — and other BT’s as well. The problem was that I had put my blog to sleep as it were and today had to renew the domain which takes time to propagate. So, some readers will not be able to see this post yet. But, by tomorrow all will be up and running. In other words, the 100 reasons were out of commission until I renewed everything. However, it’s back and I’m going to leave it up even when I am on a rest as a reminder. The link is here.


  7. Room for confusion here, as Dion is not Environment minister, Catherine McKenna is; at the APEC meetings where she wasn’t even present, Dion stated that climate change was the no 1 problem of this century. He also mused in another interview that all cabinet would have input into the environment file. These may be Dion’s meanderings, but I wonder how McKenna feels about being upstaged by a former minister.


  8. Sandy, I was thinking the same as you. We thought, and most thoughtful people thought, that Stephen Harper did a fine job as PM, but now you can hardly read any article that is not negative against him. Craig Oliver keeps repeating that Stephen Harper lied. CTV should not allow that. The media is gloating that Trudeau and Obama got along so well… we’ll see. The U.S. has never been afraid to ‘stick it’ to Canada if it feels like it… and I’m sure Obama will do it again if he feels like it. So, anyway, we’re going to have lots of Syrians and Mexicans soon.


  9. Thanks, Sandy! Certainly a few things went sideways with the campaign, but I don’t attribute those to PM Harper. A few people inside his war room clearly needed either their heads examined, or their butts tossed out the door.

    He remains in my judgement the best Prime Minister I have seen in my lifetime, bar none!


  10. Harper was a nasty bastard. If you disagreed with him he would fire you and destroy your reputation. He used illegitimate means to control people, refused to use evidence based decision making and was a poor economic manager. He was good with talking points but could not get things done ie. military procurement and running massive deficits are prime examples.


  11. Bettie — Because of Craig Oliver my husband and I never watch CTV. Even though the Liberals were the 3rd party from 2011 to 2015, the media never trashed them the way they are the Conservatives — at every opportunity. The media want to make sure the CPC are never the gov’t again. In the meantime, it appears that the Conservative caucus need to oppose in a way that doesn’t offend the Libs or the media. Which of course, is an impossibility. Time will tell. The JT Libs are being given a long honeymoon. We’ll see how long it will last.

    Now of course, Mike Duffy is all the rage again. If anyone thinks the JTrudeau PMO is any less about spin, someday something will happen to prove it is no different than the Harper PMO, apart from the people involved.

    Another thought. All through the campaign JT trashed the PM each and every day. Yet, all I ever hear is what a positive campaign the Libs ran. So far Rona Ambrose is doing a good job of communications.


  12. I approved Samuel’s comment just to show how vile Liberals and Progressives can be. All PMs fire people. If reputations were ruined it was by the media. What illegitimate means did he use to control people? Truly, there really is such a thing as Harper Derangement Syndrome. As well, Samuel obviously was too young or inattentive to notice that Mr. Chretien was even more controlling than Mr. Harper.

    Pathetic. We are talking about politics. PMs and political parties come and go. The Conservatives will be back because that is simply the nature of democracy.


  13. sandy I didn’t apologize infact i’m fighting harder to now to get Justin trudeau unelected. like his hypocracy and how he used fear mongering on the terrorist attack. who everyone believed now they’re quiet on fb they won’t even respond. I have been showing how unprofessional trudeau is at the g-20 I twittered that he was so embarrassing that people like british pm and a few others phoned Stephen harper to get down there to the g20 people who voted for him on face book are now pretty silent


  14. Samuel:
    It is absurd to argue that Harper mismanaged the economy. In the worst economic downturn in 80 years, Canada faired best of our G7 partners; this was decidedly better than the US performed under Obama. The deficits were demanded by the opposition and Harper was at first criticized for not doing enough stimulus spending., later he was criticized for not balancing the books. One cannot argue both ways. In a similar vain Roosevelt could be criticized for mismanaging the US economy in the 1930s. Contrast Harpers deficit management with what the Liberals have promised; deficits for a few short years and then a balanced budget.If even a fraction of Trudeau’s promises are kept, we will see a permanent deficit just as we saw from 1968-84 when his father presided over the economy.


  15. The focus at this time should not be the past. The left will dwell on that enough. Right now today we need to work on defeating Trudeau in 5 years. That’s ALL we should be focused on. The opposition to Trudeau’s policies needs to be sharp, accurate and at all times policy alternatives should be presented. Slagging Harper and buying into leftist media propaganda and liberal talking points is a complete waste of time. Even responding to liberal media trolling about Harper is just plain pointless. Harper is not going to be the leader in the next election.


  16. Will — This post is not responding to Liberal trolling about Harper. If you read what I wrote, I am responding to what other conservative bloggers are saying. I also disagree about the focus should not be about the past. As my list of 100 accomplishments showed, there is plenty for conservatives to be proud. What we are trying to do is stop the all negative all the time about anything Harper or Conservative.Therefore, sure let’s move on, but let’s remember the positive because there was plenty of it.


  17. Well Roy, you brought a smile to my face. Since we can’t get JTrudeau “unelected,” let’s make sure he is accountable as he promised and compare his Lib accomplishments in 4 years compared to the Harper conservatives from 2011 to 2015.


  18. Sandy you hit the nail on the head. Samuel is so typical of what I was talking about in my previous comment. Broad sweeping smears and accusations without one single example to back any of it up. He claims that Mr Harper was some kind of tyrant who controlled people, yet junior Trudeau’s rejection of any candidate who was not pro-abortion was ignored. As for running massive deficits he is silent when he comes to junior Trudeau stating he intends to do just that along with putting Canada further into debt through borrowing.

    In ending I must say that thanks to the previous nine years under Stephen Harper I felt proud of my country and proud to be Canadian for the first time in my long life. No other prime minister ever did that. Also now for the first time in my life I truly feel ashamed and embarrassed with such a juvenile at the head of the country.


  19. I transferred my domain to a new provider a month ago and am having real problems getting it to work here at WP again. Sorry for the screw up but I am working on it. Obviously everyone who has commented here can access the post okay.


  20. I certainly didn’t mean for you to take it that way! I just mean let’s bury the past. Who cares what people conservative, liberal or complete idiot think about Harper. He’s not running. Right now we should be focused laser sharp on taking down Trudeau, not fighting the last election and listening to liberal media shills.


  21. I disagree that we need to bury the past. We need to learn from it and use what we learn to our advantage. I do not mean to wallow in the past, which is perhaps what Will meant when he said let us bury the past. A lesson that conservatives should learn is that the idea that we must not play by the same rules and must play nice is wrong. We need to have the courage of our convictions and be able to articulate them clearly and relentlessly explaining the reason and justification for them. I agree with Will that we must not let ourselves be influenced by the leftist media and chattering class and buy into the falsehood that we need to be liked by them. All this in my opinion totally depends on the choice of a new leader for the CPC, and I hope and pray that they do not make the same mistake as the old Conservatives did after the departure of Mulroney.


  22. I agree with you too Alain. We certainly don’t need to bury the past. That was my whole point. What I agreed with Will on was focusing on taking JT down in 2019.


  23. Will — I did an oops. I don’t agree with “burying the past.” That is the whole point of this post. There are many things we need to be proud of. I, for one, sure hope the HST is not raised or the senior income splitting cancelled. Ditto with the Family Income Splitting but I am expecting that to the first to go. The Conservatives did a lot of good and we shouldn’t ignore that. Sure, not push it but not bury it.


  24. I guess I mean that defending Harper specifically is a fool’s errand and accomplishes nothing. It’s like defending Mulrooney. Who cares. Neither of them are running. Yes defend conservatism. Yes defend our policy but no, do not bother responding to idiots who claim Harper was this or that.


  25. Will — I think we are saying the same things just in different ways. Harper is gone. But, what the Cons gov’t did was good and needs to be reinforced. Time will tell whether Rona Ambrose can do it.


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  27. Thanks Joanne. I was just so disappointed to read some BTs ranting and raving against the Conservatives immediately after they lost. It was hitting them when they were down.

    I wondered why there were so few of us writing during the election.

    The reality is that no government is perfect. But, with the Paris situation right now, most of the commenters here, and you and I, know exactly where PM Harper would stand. With Trudeau, its all about sunny ways and selfies with screaming girls. What an embarrassment!

    I thought I was getting too old to care but obviously that is not true. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by. We were a good team!


  28. Sandy so good the hear your point of view again. I HAVE MISSED IT GREATLY! But do understand the immense effort it must take. Will enjoy while you are back! Keep well.


  29. Very, very well said, Sandy! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.
    Great points by others as well, as usual.


  30. Someone pointed out in a Contact Form message that the CPC website had lists of accomplishments. You know what? I saw those and they were written as spin, had many duplications. I know because I went through all of the lists when I was doing my list. The CPC lists also didn’t have any links to government websites or attributions.

    IMO, there should have been advertisements listing five precise accomplishments a week or something like that. Shown in a way that proved Canadians were better off (e.g., showing a couple of seniors doing their taxes).

    Obviously, very few voters would take the time to visit a political website. And, most did not like the anti-Trudeau ads. That doesn’t mean I am complaining about the previous gov’t — only about those who screwed up the election messaging.


  31. I too, have found it shocking how many so-called Conservatives have delighted in throwing Stephen Harper under the bus. As for the campaign, lets be honest. Canada now has the most corrupt partisan media in the world. This progressive cabal that many refer to as The Media Party, demonized Harper in particular, and the CPC in general for a decade. No party can stand up to that sort of a consorted attack that slants and lies to further the progressive cause. Likewise, the Liberals had Barry Obama’s campaign team at their beck and call and learned the tricks of data mining and using social media to entice young know nothings to vote for Justin. The NDP lost, because Junior moved to the left of the NDP and as a new age marxist he is very comfortable there. The dippers knew they could vote Liberal and get the addled far left dogma that they craved, with legal weed sweetening the deal. We are in big trouble, and if Junior kills 1st past the post as he has promised, I fear that you will never see another Conservative majority, since a dog’s breakfast conglomeration of fringe parties all singing from the same far left hymn book will be able to cobble together to form government. Elections do have consequences. I see provinces separating in the none to distant future, and it won’t be Quebec that seeks to flee the Global Warming hoax big government is best insanity of Trudeaumania Part Deux.


  32. Thanks JR. Always read your blog. Love that point about Bill Maher and Freeland. Relativism indeed!


  33. Great article have missed reading your blog. PM Harper was one of the greatest prime minister. I know what Trudeau will do to Canada and that scares me. So we have four years to make sure we get a good leader for the Conservative. CBC their funding pulled media without ethics the same for the Star. Teacher Union and Public Service Union need to be held accountable for spending their memberships money on hate Harper adds. My thoughts.


  34. “Stephen Harper was one of the best PMs Canada has ever had”

    You should seek counselling.


  35. Actually Dexter, anyone with such a narrow political view of the world as yourself, should seek counselling. Political views, the last time I checked, whether I agree with them or not, were part of free speech and thought in this country. Another compassionate progressive/liberal it seems.


  36. Best ever? Well, he and Mulroney are tied for being best add loading onto the national debt.


  37. Oh, Dexter, you mean the debt and deficit that Mulroney inherited from the first Trudeau. Yes, that one. Should Mulroney have made the cuts necessary to pay the deficit down? Perhaps.
    Check out this Taxpayers federation page. Liberal PM Lester Pearson left a debt of 18.75 Billion, which was a 19.6% increase. Pierre Trudeau left a debt of 157.1 Billion, a 738% increase. Mulroney then left a debt of $487.5 Billion, a 67.7% increase.

    In other words, Liberals should not be throwing stones now when PM JTrudeau hasn’t even started yet. Anyway, you are smug now. Let’s have this discussion in a couple of years from now.

    Anyway, I will not be approving any more of your comments because they are not meant to be a part of a rationale discussion, just trashing.


  38. Yes, me too. I haven’t watched anything from the CBC or CTV news since the election, nor will I ever again. I will think for myself without their “analysis.” I’ve had it with their bias, ignorance and zero ethics. A lot of people I know are doing the same thing; hopefully their advertisers will notice.

    Trudeau has already shown he “isn’t ready” to lead with his incomprehensible arrogance in negligently forcing 25,000 Syrian refugees onto the Canadian public, whom ISIS has already stated they plan to infiltrate, within an artificial deadline which will push the medical, safety and security envelopes to the point of breach and disaster. This is not paranoia, this is a certainty. To all the “the terrorists haven’t tried this or that yet, so won’t” crowd I say, on 10 Sep 2001 terrorists had never flown airliners into skyscrapers. They are constantly probing for soft spots to exploit in attacking us; we shouldn’t help them by giving them an obvious opportunity such as this rushed refugee plan.

    The US House of Representatives, in a strong show of bipartisanship, has stopped the US POTUS Syrian refugee plan, which was far more reasonable, at 10,000 over four years, than Trudeau’s insane death wish.

    Conservatives may not have to be so concerned with how they repackage themselves. If this Syrian refugee plan backfires in the way most reasonable people know it can, Trudeau will lose the trust of the Canadian people and will be the longest serving lame duck PM in Canadian history. That is a virtual certainty IMHO, if he arrogantly ignores Canadian public opinion and Canadians pay with their lives.

    I heard one journalist (a real one) note that as governments move to the left, especially in light of the ISIS threat and the refugee issue, the public is moving to the right, as has happened in Sweden and is happening in France, Belgium and, I suspect, here and in the US.

    It’s incomprehensible behaviour from our power by policy Grit government. Is their arrogance so advanced they think they can con us on any issue they choose and explain away resultant disasters? A real tipping point of inaction, the escalation and lethality of terrorist attacks by ISIS et al, is ignored while a fake tipping point of catastrophic climate change is pursued at all costs to our standard of living.

    My theory is progressive politicians don’t want to do the difficult and unexciting tasks of providing security for their citizens, preferring to whine and dine at the Paris party, which ironically is the new epicenter of the debate and war on terror. They lack the toughness and fortitude required so fall back on false narratives, pontifications and self-congratulation.

    But if we dare to criticize this, we are the racist and misguided who have turned peaceful Muslims into ISIS barbarians. Not monstrous imams and their hateful ideology, not unrelenting and sophisticated Islamist propaganda, not nations bankrolling terror. No – our reasonable and genuine concern over security is the problem, that we just can’t understand Muslims are peaceful, except for the hundred of millions who support ISIS actions or the millions willing to engage in holy war. So we get fools like Bernie Sanders who actually argue “global warming causes terrorism.”

    That’s the nonsense that qualifies as political thought nowadays. We live in extraordinary times – Mr Harper failed to grasp that by not going all in against Trudeau and the apparatchiks, and so did the AB and ON voters. But, the public is going to find out the hard way how negligent progressives are setting all of us up for a larger war against Islamism, which they, not we, seek.

    That will not make us “feel better” or spare us from the “Harper dictatorship.” It will result in far less safety and a much reduced standard of living as we attain “social justice” or peaceful coexistence with hateful criminals. For our elites in their gated communities perhaps, but never the great unwashed – instead we have a target painted on us. That dangerous attitude, not the ignorance of “tolerance,” will facilitate terrorist victory over us, threatening our freedom and in fact our very way of life and chance of a peaceful future for our children and grandchildren.

    Welcome back Sandy, we need voices like yours more than ever. Others’ bigoted perceptions cannot be allowed to be used to draw conclusions about our values. Harper let them get away with that. It can never be permitted to happen again. We have four years of grass roots advocacy to make our case without interference from the dying dinosaur of the mediocracy. Bypass them, still their voice, starve them out, don’t accept their self-serving ignorance – appeal to the citizenry directly without benefit of mediocracy, spin, distortion or “analysis.”


  39. Thank you for that excellent post, Sandy! Conservatives have nothing to be ashamed of – with the possible exception of the election campaign. Naval-gazing and looking for “new directions” will only please the liberal establishment and the MSM – who will NEVER be forgiving to conservatives.

    Instead, conservatives should stand up proudly and announce their accomplishments, and in the process give Canadians a vision of how they would govern Canada.

    Had the Harper Conservatives gotten this message out, I’m convinced that they would have been re-elected.


  40. A reminder, Dexter, that I will not be approving any more of your comments. Your last communications was about Conservative appointments made last June 2015. You are obviously very young or have a very poor memory. The king of patronage was Pierre Trudeau as he was on his way out the door and leaving John Turner with the mess. Here is a good source for the history of patronage. Liberals know all about it. Yet, now seem convinced that the Conservatives were worse at everything. Such naivety and short sightedness is not helpful in the long run that is for sure.


  41. Some random thoughts:

    I am finding a lot of today’s young Liberals really have no idea of Canada’s political history. Those in their 20s and 30s pretty much think the Harper Conservatives did everything wrong.

    Which is a pity because those of us who have been adults since Lester Pearson’s time know better. I was in high school but I actually remember John Diefenbaker as well.

    Truth be told I suffered from Trudeaumania in 1968 as well — but not for long. Just about every election promise PET made he broke, the biggest being wage and price controls. And, oh, his arrogance! By the time the early 1980s came along, most Canadians had quite enough of him.

    Which is why many of us here can compare the governments of the past with the Harper Conservatives. Were they perfect? Of course not. Did they make patronage appointments? Also of course. Patronage is just what it is. But, as a gov’t they were excellent overall. As a country we could stand proud because Harper was respected worldwide.

    Did spin come out of Harper’s PMO (e.g., re Duffy)? Of course! Anyone who thinks JTrudeau’s PMO won’t put out similar spin is naive at best.

    Most commenters here know I worked for an ONPC MPP during the time Mike Harris was in gov’t. When patronage openings come up they have to fill them for committees and review boards to be able to function. If it is near an election, they have to do it then too because the next gov’t will do it if they don’t. Tís just the nature of politics.


  42. PMSH has stood up for and by Canada both here and internationally. I feel much safer with PMSH than I am with PM selfie.


  43. Hi Jen. Nice to hear from you. After 9 years Canadians did know Stephen Harper. IMO, we may disagree with their opinions but I don’t think we can blame not knowing on the media. I mean, the Conservative Party had plenty of money to do the kind of ads that highlighted what they had accomplished.

    Other than that, I will not be able to comment on what other people have written.


  44. I was talking to my husband about the cultural mandate behind the Liberal win. As Conservatives we choose not push an agenda on others, whereas the liberal mind is convinced it has cornered the market on being right, and when they find something distasteful then so should everyone else follow suit. With this mentality they tend to be more politically active, further indoctrination occurs when student unions and profs encourage them to be angry and resentful.

    IMO social media is a cesspool of miserable persons with lies passed on, no questions asked. Harper hatred abounded and could not be put into perspective no matter how many comments we responded to with facts, reality could not find a place amongst all the ABC people that wanted “real change”. Of course they had no idea what they wanted changed, and still don’t even know what issues they voted for, only that they wanted some vacuous leader to take them away from their miserable existence.

    This election was lost because of MSM vampires that continually lied and insinuated about the PM and the PMO, non stop. They made Canadians’ decision for them first by destroying Mr. Harper for years and then by shamelessly campaigning for the Liberals, with no attempt to hide it. There was no room for any conservative voice of reason amongst media and Justin had the help of American campaign advisors to make a smear campaign complete. I worry that unless conservatives become activists in the next 4 years we may never see another conservative government in Canada.

    It makes me angry because I know that the media will continue to use the former PM as a whipping boy when Junior’s incompetence surfaces (of course we have to count on someone actually reporting facts about the kid) I am very proud to say Stephen Harper was our best PM. He served the best interests of all Canadians to the best of his ability. When I think of who steers our ship now, nothing but nausea!


  45. The upcoming trial of Liberal Senator Max Harb will confirm the existence of media Liberal bias. Count on no/little coverage of Harb’s misdeeds. The anti-Harper bias ran deep, even extending to the judiciary. Harb was supposed to be tried this past summer but Duffy’s lawyer somehow got the two trials switched, right as the election campaign was getting underway.

    The mediocracy went all in on Duffy, but turned Harper into the bad guy. The media constantly tried to switch the Harper channel. Then again he let them, he should have been way tougher. I waited and waited for a review of his excellent government, a true description of our international reputation and economic performance, and the JV aspects of the other leaders. But it didn’t happen. Harper also failed to take into account the NDP plunge and what it meant for southern ON swing voters.

    One of these days, Conservatives are going to figure out once and for all the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal cabal is Liberal to the bone and will never give him an even shake, rather they will play gotcha games. They needed a bitch slap too. Alas, it never happened and idiots opined later it was a niqab election. Harper, and Mulroney before him were at best able to negotiate truces, but the mediocracy quickly turned back to their LPC bias, never worrying about their objectivity or ethics – progressives are never bothered by their hypocrisy, such as their SJW policies hurting the poor the most.

    Anyway Justin the Ken doll is perfect fodder for the LIV, thinking the government can take the money and make them better off, and they are only interested in fighting climate change with “taxaction,” which others pay. They couldn’t be more wrong.

    BTW, on the no young men Syrian refugee policy – while I’m relieved it was the very, very least Trudeau could have done, likely convinced of that only on warning his survival could be at stake with a large snafu.


  46. Well Sandy it seems I am even older than you which is why I have a longer memory than a lot of people today. I find it sad to see so many who have been brain-washed into believing that Canada only began as a nation in around 1967. I know it has everything to do with not teaching our history and replacing it with revisionist “history” along with constant Liberal propaganda. While I was never a party to the Trudeaumania of the time, I admit to having been fooled big time when he was first voted in. I was impressed with his fluent English and French (not Joual) and thought him to be an intellectual who would be an effective PM. Then of course it did not take long to see all the lies for what they were and his dedication to deny and to destroy our historical, traditional roots. I think we can both agree with saying – fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    On a final note I must say that I cannot recall a time when the Canadian media were not shilling for the Liberal Party. If an airline lost the luggage of any Conservative PM, that PM was portrayed as a clumsy, bumbling fool. A Liberal PM could get away with anything. That has to have an influence over time.


  47. Alain, I think the one exception when the media was anti Liberal was when Paul Martin ran against Stephen Harper in 2005/06. Remember, the wheels falling off the Lib hay ride? They called him Mr. Dithers because he had so many priorities. And, I recall the media were finally favourable to Stephen Harper. I remember watching off the cuff scrums at the back of the Conservative plane. My husband and I used to comment on that fact.

    Yet, once elected with a minority, the Harper PMO staff and PMSH were openly hostile at the media, didn’t want press conferences and demanded media hand in a list of who wanted to ask questions ahead of time. Why I don’t know. They felt they had made SH and that he would pay for his rejection of them. And, boy did he ever. It took 9 years but they eventually “got him.”


  48. Yes Merrill, you and others are right re the media being anti-Conservative. I wrote about it often but frankly a lot of what happened was self-inflicted. Plus, as others have said here, it is not really up to the media to run an election campaign. It was up the CPC to get the message out rather than bicker over niqabs.

    I still believe the Conservatives and SH did a good job. But, I suppose complaining now doesn’t make a difference because the new Cons caucus seems to have refuted the whole 9 years in a false attempt at gaining fans. All it will do is drive us all further away.

    I came back here temporarily simply to say stop the apologizing. Talk about the positive and learn from the mistakes. Beyond that, frankly, I simply don’t want to hit my head against a brick wall for four years.


  49. Sandy re the media giving Paul Martin a rough ride. I remember watching Mansbridge interviewing Martin in the runup to the 2006 election, and I was gobsmacked that Mansbridge was giving Martin no quarter – he was interviewing him like Martin was a member of the Reform Party. Martin had no idea how to deal with it, since he had never been asked a difficult question in his political life, little loan a gotcha question.

    It was then I knew that the decision had been made behind the scenes that Martin had to go.

    Remember Martin was the heir apparent to the LPC. He just had to be patient to wait for Chretien to step aside. He was not patient and forced the issue. Since Martin was the up and comer, I think Chretien was advised to move aside, but it created a tremendous intercenine battle within the LPC.

    So Martin got his own way and then proceeded to demonstrate that he was no leader at all, inspired confidence in no one, and was not going to be the future of the Party.

    The one person who was painfully unaware of Paul Martins shortcomings was Paul Martin. He was still hanging on the fawning press clipping of years prior.

    So do not be fooled by the fact that the media gave him a rough ride – he only got a rough ride because he refused to go quietly into the good night, and almost destroyed the LPC in not taking his leave. So the media were given the orders to have him removed.

    That is why you saw a Liberal being being treated at face value for once.


  50. Whatever the reason Ward, the media was favourable to Harper during the 2005/06 election and his communications staff screwed it up big time afterwards by being hostile from the getgo. I watched it at the time and just shook my head.

    Even now, if I were to continue to blog, what do I blog about? If I complain about JT or the Libs, I’ll simply be seen as a sore loser. So, while I bide my time, regulars like you can leave me info on my Contact Form and here in a comment. The bottom line is let’s stick to complaining about Lib or Con policy or strategy, not the current PM or CPC leader. The reason I include the latter is because I am already not impressed with the “apology” mode of Rona Ambrose. Time will tell.


  51. Ward – additionally, during the 05/06 campaign the mediocracy embedded with the Martin campaign kept getting scooped by their colleagues and competitors as Harper stole the spotlight with his one promise per day and 5 priorities program. That’s why the “warmed up” to Harper, he was more newsworthy with a simple message. This time they returned to their tried and true supplant, smear the message and issues approach, what the book “Absent Mandate” portrayed as more of a horse race where they decided the issues. Sound familiar? This time they took that further and effectively ordered the electorate to get rid of Harper, that was really the ballot question, despite the cost of electing statist buffoons who think it actually takes wisdom to waste taxpayers hard earned money and assume their “fresh look” and “positive approaches” will actually make a difference to the economy, or to our enemies, or even our friends (witness Obama turning down Keystone despite Dustin saying he would be willing to dismantle the Canadian economy to please radical watermelons).

    The Conservatives got away from using that simple message but also made the fatal assumption ON voters would be stupid enough to vote in statists who would surely raise their taxes, take their freedoms away and crush their standard of living. despite them doing precisely that during in the McGuinty/Wynne statist disasters. Pretending the NDP victory in AB was an anomaly was a serious error.

    We see that in evidence already with Trudeau’s perfectly badly timed fiscal debt run-up, the move against farmers and oil & gas in AB, and the latest royal pronouncement from ON that homeowners be required to submit to the will of Gaia by completing energy audits before being allowed to sell their own property. Oh right, no property rights in Canada, almost forgot that by making the assumption we were actually a free country that valued hard work and thrift. Overall we see the selling of obvious junk science to support bigger tax, spend and borrow government mentalities to battle climate change, currently pontificating and puffing from precisely the same location where ISIS served notice they represent the true threat, not faked CAGW. It’s actually a war on capitalism & common sense more than anything else.

    In doing so, statists have abandoned the poor in search of power and personal prestige. Witness Dustin’s promise of $6.5b to help the poor everywhere but Canada deal with climate change. That’s easily the amount extracted from the poor in Canada for higher carbon taxes and electricity costs but that doesn’t make for much of a legacy. Now he wants to connect the dots between future debts and his father’s $600b hangover still with us. Too bad for him and us the baby boomers are heading into their declining years rather than their formative ones as in in the 60s when PET inflicted us with his “just society.” Yeah, just shut up and pay up.

    Harper should have attacked Trudeau in the debates and to heck with the mediocracy if that was too “negative” for them. He should have behaved like Trump in the south, but with a sound grounding in policy and economics, but still the populist approach and presentation along with bypassing and showing disdain for the ignorant, biased and unethical mediocracy cabal.

    In any event, if not for the Martin putsch against Chretien the mediocracy would have done their usual part for their Liberals, being true Grits themselves. Martin allowed Adscam to change the channel from hidden agendas and resulted in disasters such as beer and popcorn comments and soldiers in our streets ads. Trudeau learned well, always sure to promise the moon, along with meaningless Obama-esque pontifications (not accidental mind you, given the same bunch was running both campaigns).

    The statists today won’t make the same mistake of letting “extreme right wingers” such as Conservatives appear moderate in their socialist and entitled minds. In 06 they thought Harper would be around for a year or so before the return of the Grit dynasty. They now know better than to appear honest and objective when faced with an “inferior” opponent. The mediocracy made sure that mistake would not be repeated by muddling, lying about or suppressing any Tory attempts to show they were the only ones qualified to govern. (Notice the extensive coverage of the resumed Duffy trial – no?) All they needed was a good figurehead Grit leader who could sound good and be cool with nice hair, with no idea of the societal and fiscal costs of his statism. Remember they deal with emotion only, that’s why they portray any disagreement with their hope and fear nonsense as “hate.” Emotion works best with the addled LIV who thinks their personal observations and experiences represent historical and worldly reality.

    In the face of that, a bold grass roots movement is required to supplant the Grit mediocracy from deciding the message and highlight the upcoming fiscal disasters we no doubt will soon experience. It will take a big hurt to change their minds. The economy will have to implode Greece style for the economics addled LIV to understand the dangers of statism in the same way it will take a really high casualty attack by ISIS/Islamists in the tens of thousands to get LIVs to understand the threat of Islamist terrorism.


  52. The LIV was told that Harper was a hurting our international reputation and the country was in trouble, both demonstrable falsehoods. The reason premiers and other statists didn’t like him was because he didn’t shower them with tax dollars as is happening now. The reason the mediocracy didn’t like Harper was because they were Liberals and he wasn’t. The reason watermelons didn’t like him was because he was interrupting their statist message that we had to crush capitalism and our modern economy with punishing taxes that do nothing but promote and ensure socialism. Harper failed to overcome the false narrative he and the Grits were basically the same but he was mean while their leader was a good guy with nice hair, when he was the dishonest statist weasel. The message going forward must be limiting government with bold strokes that can’t be buried in the noise that accompanies the mediocracy’s biased, ignorant and unethical spin to all things not Grit, or pontifications based memes. Here are some ideas I have to start:

    – no public sector worker will be permitted to earn a basic annual salary over $200,000 given this is evil (that includes the PM, and crown corporation heads – they’re not CEOs, that’s laughable). Bonuses only for exceptional, cost based results.
    – no carbon taxes or related fees are to be collected unless there is a clear route to developing a viable fossil fuel alternative going forward – ie no wind farms and credit trading or such nonsense, while challenging the junk science.
    – private health care permitted right up to a hospital BUT for the time being delivery of care must be assured through using unions (something they do fairly well – privatizing cleaning in BC was a disaster). I’m playing politics, this will separate the union rank and file from their Marxist executives.
    – property rights enshrined in our Constitution without exception except the direst national emergencies clearly defined.
    – all foreign aid shall be closely scrutinized and delivered to NGOs like the Red Cross etc, never local governments who use it to fund their corruption and intimidation of their people.
    – no bailouts anytime anywhere, the end of cronyism, and a return to the true risk/reward element of capitalism.
    – my province BC will henceforth collect their own income and payroll taxes. No equalization permitted. If voters in one province want to vote themselves benefits, other provinces won’t pay for them (eg Quebec day care plan).
    – all government pension plans shall henceforth be fully funded with the employer contribution segregated from general revenues, as is required by law in the private sector. Governments may not make laws that don’t apply to them too.
    – move this country away from income taxes and other statist revenue excuses like carbon taxes (with possible exception above) to a pure VAT system where only consumption, not effort or investment/savings, is taxed. This will require a phase in and we must ensure seniors, who paid income taxes their whole lives, and the poor who do not pay income tax, are taken care of. We already have a giant bureaucracy giving back credits so this can be trimmed down as needed.
    – privatize the CBC and any grants/subsidies to the media must be vetted for public interest and necessity (why do we have a fully funded public network in this day of satellite technology and the internet?)
    – the mediocracy assumptions must be challenged and shown for the biased nonsense they are – they’re not our friends, they have skin in the Grit game. Call them on it. Harper did that long ago and it worked

    Grass roots classical liberalism with a nice helping of conservatism. Yes, move us to the centre, but don’t let the mediocracy tell us the Grits are “centre/left” when they are clearly a statist/socialist party that believes that all societal solutions reside and default to more statism with its irresponsible spending, taxation and borrowing policies.

    We’ll be looking a financial gong show with various statists squeezing the life out of the economy with cynical carbon taxes within the next two or three years at the most. We will more resemble Greece than the great nation our forefathers gave their blood, sweat, tears and lives for. Conservatives must be ready with the leadership and game plan required to put our country back on the course for which it was destined – liberty, economic freedom and most of all limited government. If the mediocracy or other self-interested types don’t like it, call it and them for what they are – politically aligned groups and individuals. Be firm, if they don’t like it, call them the angry ones and, most of all, benefit from the smug self-assuredness of statists who, rather than think with their brains, claim to know from their hearts.

    It’s very doable if we start now. Help is needed from many for this task, including this blog. Let’s roll!!!


  53. Thanks for that info Shamrock. In time, once the taxes are in place, I guess I will have more than enough to write about if I want too.


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