Memo to Patrick Brown: Ontarians need new vision, not AGW

Why on earth is Ontario Progressive Conservative (ONPC) leader Patrick Brown supporting Anthropogenic Global Warming theory and a carbon tax? For example, check out this National Post column.

So, Brown says he wants to do something about the environment. Fine. Pollution controls? Renewables through consensus? Recycling? Sustainable development? By all means.

But believing that human-kind can alter the global temperature and that a carbon tax is revenue neutral? A carbon tax is about taxation. It will not modify the province’s emissions.

So, here we are at a point in 2016 when Ontario voters clearly realize the truth that they are governed provincially by an increasingly incompetent and sleazy Liberal Government. And, as such, I believe most voters are likely ready for change.

As a result, I would ask the Ontario PC Party and its leader do is take a step back and look at political reality — starting with Ontario’s electoral map from 2014.

What they will see is NDP orange in the north, with some Liberal red, and PC blue all over Southern Ontario with small pockets of Liberal red.

So, given that electoral reality and knowing full well what rural municipalities and farmers in Southern Ontario are putting up with (in terms of unwanted wind turbines), I believe Brown and his PCs will lose again in 2018 as long as they stick to their current position to link the care of our environment with AGW.

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Endnote: For a really good read about what is wrong with those who push AGW, read this post on the Cult of Climate Change (H/T JNW). It is by Ari Helperin. No doubt he is trashed by all warmists but what he writes makes sense. He was born in the Soviet Union. He knows how this type of propaganda can take hold of a society.

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