According to lawyer Robert Staley, PM Harper acted honourably in Duffy case

As a Stephen Harper supporter and a supporter of his former Conservative government (e.g., see my list of Harper Government Accomplishments here), it does not surprise me to hear that Mr. Harper acted honourably during the RCMP preparation prior to the Mike Duffy trial.

In that regard, here is an Ottawa Citizen column written by Mr. Harper’s lawyer, Robert Staley (as well as this National Post link of the same report H/T

While the Staley item is long and detailed, the key points are that Mr. Harper:

  1. Instructed his lawyer to assist the RCMP investigation in whatever way he could;
  2. Made available extensive PMO documentation;
  3. Facilitated the interviews held between PMO witnesses and the RCMP; and
  4. Waived client/lawyer privilege so that all PMO documentation relevant to Mr. Duffy was available.

As Mr. Staley says, waiving client/lawyer privilege was an unequivocal act of integrity and accountability by Mr. Harper.

Meaning, Mr. Harper never had anything to hide in the Mike Duffy matter and when he said he did not know about the Nigel Wright $90,000 cheque ahead of time, he did not. So, no matter what allegations partisan players now want to throw at the former PM, the record speaks for itself.

My thanks then, to Mr. Harper for being the honourable man he is and was for the nearly ten years he served our country. In my opinion, he continues to be vilified in the mainstream media and social media, simply because he held different values than some progressive liberals. Which is sad because conservatives rarely vilify progressives with as much unsubstantiated venom.

Regardless, I believe history will show that Stephen Harper was one of Canada’s most competent prime ministers, as well as a man of integrity.

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