Sophie Gregoire Trudeau requires taxpayer funded help

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau 1030We learned yesterday that Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Prime Minister Trudeau’s partner, needs taxpayer help. Should this be a surprise? I mean, like all the wives of Prime Ministers, she has to be by her husband’s side on numerous public and diplomatic occasions — and thus her need for two nannies.

Now, however, we learn Gregoire Trudeau is called upon for more than simply standing prettily by her husband and displaying Canadian fashion.

We learn, for example, that Canadians and Canadian organizations, particularly charities, are requesting her presence, either as a supporter of a cause or to give a speech.

This is not surprising given her media savvy background and the fact that her husband is the Prime Minister. But, that’s the key: given her media savvy background. In other words, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is no ordinary PM’s wife. She is a celebrity in her own right, particularly in Quebec.

Yes, I know, she wasn’t elected. So what? She is married to someone who was elected and now, because of his election, combined with her own abilities, needs help with the demands on her time.

No big deal, right? Wrong. It seems to some it is a very big deal.

Read this column by Daniel Leblanc in the Globe and Mail. While Leblanc carefully explains why she needs help, take a look at the couple of hundred comments under the column. I gave up after about thirty because all were petty and whiny beyond belief.

  • She was not elected.
  • She should say no more often.
  • She should just ignore the requests.
  • She is no different than any other politician’s wife.

Pardon me?

Look, as regular readers know, I am no fan of this Liberal Government, but for heavens sake, Gregoire Trudeau should be supported for wanting to do the right thing by those writing and phoning her.

Yes, I know, if her husband was not PM she wouldn’t be getting all the invitations. But, he is. Yet, the invitations are NOT coming to them as a couple. Rather, they are coming to her because of who she is as an individual.

The crux of the matter is then, that since Sophie Gregoire Trudeau finds herself having to serve the Canadian public in her own right, while her husband is PM, she should have all the taxpayer funded nannies and staff she requires to do so effectively.

Colloquially speaking — suck it up!

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Update: Friday, May 13th, 2016 — Women in the opposition, both Conservative and NDP are saying Gregoire Trudeau is “out of touch with ordinary struggles” (H/T NewsWatchCanada). Of course, she is out of touch with ordinary struggles. The Trudeaus are not ordinary, not now, not ever.

Yes, I know, life can be hectic. As the saying goes, been there and done that. But, none of us are in the same kind of public service situation as Gregoire Trudeau, including those with spouses who are elected representatives, be they in federal, provincial or municipal governments.

A little history. As this Wikipedia link shows, in 1985, a year after Brian Mulroney was elected, he and Mila had a son, Nicolas. That fact is very telling because I have read that she had a taxpayer funded government office with three assistants.

Sound familiar? Yes, I know, Laureen Harper managed with 3 staffers but her children were already in school when Mr. Harper won his first mandate in January 2006. The reality is that, just like the Mulroney’s, the Trudeau’s have a very active toddler.

As I said in my post, just get on with providing Gregoire Trudeau the taxpayer funded help she requires.

In the meantime, I would ask the female opposition MPs commenting on this issue to please stop the petty backbiting! The truth is, no matter what the context, women are notorious for slagging their own gender when they decide “she” doesn’t know her place.

14 thoughts on “Sophie Gregoire Trudeau requires taxpayer funded help

  1. This is another “outrage” by a Liberal that I refuse to get outraged over. I’m frankly getting very tired of the “them versus us” attitude of too many commenters on both liberal and conservative blogs,and the Pavlovian barking at every thing the other guy does. Mention “Trudeau” at too many sites and the yapping starts complete with tired, overused nicknames.
    Trudeau, as PM, rightly takes flack whenever he does something we don’t condone, but not everything he does should be condemned because he’s a Liberal PM,and that seems to be the mindset of too many conservatives.

    I expect better of my fellows than to become like the liberal critics who suffered what we called,”Harper derangement Syndrome”. Many of us now are acting just as those Liberal HDS activists . Enough already.


  2. I disagree with you both. I do not care about her getting help, it is peanuts. I think the Prime Minister represents our country and I do not think we should be petty about his expenses however I do not like politicians who do not respect tax payers money. I am sure you could make a case for every penny they spend but my grandchildren should not have to pay so we can have a better life. The press do not hold them accountable for anything so I can understand why conservatives are critical. The press criticized Harper for shaking his sons hand when he walked him to school and the liberals and the media still bring up the RCMP shipping the armored car to India for Harpers protection, so i will not apologize for not giving Trudeau a pass.


  3. Gordon, I agree the media was unnecessarily tough on Harper, especially that business about shaking his son’s hand. But, your comment has nothing to do with my article. I was not talking about Prime Minister Trudeau. I was talking about paying for the PUBLIC demands made on his wife. IMO, those kinds of demands are not peanuts.


  4. I had written a comment here about my future plans but deleted it as I plan to write a full post instead.


  5. I was saying the cost of hiring people for her was peanuts and I would be ok with it if they did not waste so much money. I do not know her and maybe she is doing it to help charities but I know liberals and she will be used to help the liberal party first and foremost.


  6. Gordon, I hear you. But, the reality is that all governments waste money. Which has nothing to do with Gregoire Trudeau and why I feel all the complaining, not only by conservatives, but the media as well, mostly female media I might add, is simply petty posturing.


  7. Sandy, I respect your opinion and I do not necessarily disagree with you but at this point carping is all we have until the next election. The liberals are even trying to change that to ensure liberal wins forever.


  8. Your point Pierre? What if she was a conservative? I would still support her getting the help she required. This is a non-partisan issue as far as I am concerned.


  9. My point, quite simply, is that if she was a Conservative PM’s wife the media, and perhaps some bloggers, would be leading the charge to deny it. Her defenders, in my opinion, are just an extension of Trudeaumania 2. Other than that, I’m going motorcycle riding…Have a great, stress free day!


  10. Pierre — Of course if Gregoire Trudeau was a Conservative, the sky would be falling. But, she is not and the criticism is coming from the same media who adore her husband. So, IMO, you’ve got it wrong. I listened to a radio talk show yesterday and two well known media women were talking about this topic. The one, who is known to be pro-Liberal, who works at the Star (and not Hebert), was all over Gregoire Trudeau, which really surprised me.

    Have a great day yourself.


  11. One of the main reasons the CPC lost the last election was they were seen as the Party of old,scolding parent types,while Justin and his crew were seen as young,trendy,hip, cool, the guy next door, just like it was when Pierre defeated the old,dull, COMPETENT Bob Stanfield in 1968.

    We seem to be continuing in this vein,having learned nothing from the election. We have to concentrate on criticizing the Liberals on their most vulnerable issues, economy,pipelines, resource extraction,the sophistry of climate change, immigration in a recession, etc. We must use Alinsky’s rules against them now that THEY are the government. Make them live up to their promises.

    We gain absolutely no traction by attacking a woman,especially a popular, pretty young Mother who happens to be the PM’s Wife. Of course Sophie will shill for the LPC,what in hades would anyone expect her to do? Leave her alone, let her carry on with her circus,it won’t do any harm to the Country,but carping at her constantly will make us look like the miserable old scolds the voters booted out of Office.

    Choose your battles wisely, and fight them with integrity. Don’t succumb to the left’s deranged style of yapping at everything “Harper”. Trudeau and the government will have an almost impossible task in fulfilling their election promises,already they’ve backed away from several,so let’s hold their feet to the fire on these issues,and as the Mafia used to say,”leave the families out of it”.


  12. Agree re the party of old scolding parents. 🙂 However, what is amazing, is Gregoire Trudeau is getting flak from all corners. If I were her, I would just stop the public service, apart from attending certain functions with her husband. In other words, use the one assistant she has to send her “regrets.”

    Jealousy is an nasty thing. As one CBC journalist said, her problem is that she is a tall poppy — intelligent, beautiful and gregarious all rolled into one.


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