“FRIENDS of Broadcasting” asks if Stephen Harper poisoned the well?

FRIENDS website !st scrolled image.

FRIENDS website !st scrolled image.

What in heavens name can the staff or volunteers at the FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting be thinking to send out a fundraising letter via regular mail, dated summer 2016, bashing former Prime Minister Stephen Harper by putting the following question in bright red letters on both their envelope and letter:

Has Stephen Harper poisoned the well?

Poisoned the well? Which well are they talking about? As a former Stephen Harper supporter, I don’t believe he poisoned anything.

FRIENDS letter reducedYet, here are a few sections from the letter that my husband and I received at the end of last week. A scan of part of the first page is shown to the left. Which makes me wonder how FRIENDS got our personal information?

Anyway, in the first paragraph it states: “Has Stephen Harper poisoned the well? You bet he has. I’m referring to the CBC and our Canadian Broadcasting system. If you’ve got a minute or two I’d like to tell you all about it. And then I hope you’ll join me in putting things right….

In the final paragraph, FRIENDS sum up with: “If you love the CBC, if your vision of a strong independent Canada includes a vibrant Canadian broadcasting industry, then please become a FRIEND. Yes, the end may be in sight, but we need one more push to get us over the finish line. With your help by monthly donations or a single donation if that’s not possible, we’ll push the government to reform the CBC Board…

Reform the CBC Board? So that is what this is all about. Former PM Harper had the audacity to appoint qualified candidates to the CBC Board that are known to have contributed to the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) at one time or another? And, that is related to poisoning the well?

To put it bluntly, are the FRIENDS suggesting that those appointees are poisonous?

I mean, if the current Liberal government eventually replaces the so-called conservative appointees with those who have contributed to the Liberal Party of Canada in the past —  is that what FRIENDS mean by cleaning up the CBC Board? And, is that what FRIENDS are referring to as non-partisan governance?

Good grief. Canada is a free, democratic society. There is nothing wrong with people contributing to any registered political party or any prime minister making appointments to public boards with qualified people who may have contributed money to his or her political party. In fact, our Charter guarantees all Canadians such affiliations — to conservatives, as well as liberals and progressives.

In my opinion, the FRIENDS is not only partisan, its fundraising clearly crosses the line into political activism. I mean, of the several images scrolling on the main page of their website, one is of a smiling PM Justin Trudeau and an interview related to the Leaders Series on the CBC.

Another is the featured image I am using in this post of the 8 members of the CBC Board who are deemed Conservative simply because they donated money to the CPC. Note that FRIENDS included a hint of the partisan image when they used the letter “C” of the Conservative Party’s logo in the headline — CBC?

FRIENDS also used the CPC’s logo beside each of their 8 names in an April 26th, 2016 blog post — alongside the word “Donor.” Talk about negative stereotyping!

So, has Stephen Harper poisoned the well? Absolutely not. Rather, he did what he was constitutionally allowed to do and supposed to do. On other hand, has FRIENDS poisoned the well using the former PM in such a disrespectful manner to fundraise with people like my husband and myself?

Absolutely. Talk about a witch hunt!

The crux of the matter is that the FRIENDS of CANADIAN BROADCASTING owes former PM Harper and all conservative Canadians an apology. And, if FRIENDS are truly non-partisan and do not favour one broadcaster over another, they should immediately withdraw this negative fundraising campaign.

13 thoughts on ““FRIENDS of Broadcasting” asks if Stephen Harper poisoned the well?

  1. Of course it’s a witch hunt,Ian Morrison and his group are extremely biased in an anti-conservative way. I was a member of Friends, just so I could keep track of their machinations. I was after about three years, booted out for posting that the government should privatize the CBC . This is my firm belief, has nothing to do with political allegiance,I do not believe Canada needs a taxpayer funded national broadcaster.If we MUST have a publicly funded broadcaster, do it the same way as PBS

    Friends is just another left-wing lobby group keeping up the facade of non-partisanship,I never once saw or heard anything positive from Friends regarding Stephen Harper of the CPC, not once.

    I was acquainted with the person was was the chief of CBC radio one, now retired. Although he was/is a Liberal, he stated to me that Stephen Harper treated his branch of the CBC very well, was easier to deal with than the Chretien government.

    From Friends, you can expect as much unbiased commentary as you can from the Council of Canadians or NACSOW.

    Harper is the enemy,always will be the enemy,and everything negative that ever happens to the Country,will be Harper’s fault until long after he’s dead.

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  2. Exactly Don. Exactly. But, both my husband and I felt the contents of the letter had to get out there. So, feel free to drop the hyperlink wherever you visit online. I am so sick of the meme — conservatives bad, progressives good. It is just so very tiring.

    Look at the U.S. Most, if not all, nasty protests are at Trump’s rallies (organized by progressive democrats or illegal immigrants), and not at Clinton rallies. Meaning, when liberals and progressives don’t get their way, or the way they agree with, they get nasty, witness this letter.

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  3. Essentially Don, organizations like FRIENDS really seem to believe that only conservative supporters are biased and can’t be trusted. I mean, no matter who this Liberal gov’t appoints, those appointees are going to favour one political party over another. Do FRIENDS truly believe that progressives and liberals can be non-partisan? Naive to say the least but seems to be exactly what they believe.

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  4. “Red Tories” Sandy. I’m not surprised considering that they stabbed (and continue to stab) Harper in the back. My view, for whatever it is worth, is this:

    If they continue with their stupidity until the next election and I begin to think for one minute that we in the CPC have reverted to the old “Joe Clark days” they will have made a bad enemy. More to the point I will sit the next election out and will urge on my site that that CPC members “shit can” all of them by doing the same.

    We’ve seen this movie before and I didn’t like it the first time. My mind remains unchanged.

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  5. The funny thing is Jack, I am a former Red Tory myself. Not all of us are liberal-lite like Joe Clark, although many former Reformers think so. 🙂


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  7. Well said Jack. Since Stephen Harper stepped down from the leadership of the CPC I have ignored all their emails and thrown the mailers into the garbage. I want to see where the party is going. If it goes back to a “Joe Clark” or Kim Campbell Red Tory leadership I also will sit out the next election or two.


  8. Don, I applaud you for having the gumption to actually belong to this extremely biased media arm and agree with your description of it. I couldn’t do it. Too much military thinking that a spade is a spade in my head.


  9. What I would like to know is how they got our names and address. We didn’t join. What is especially interesting is that it was in both my husband’s and my name. So, we are puzzled as to which database they have access to.


  10. Kenkulak: You have my thinking down pat….no to Red Tories leadership. Stephen Harper was the best and we need another leader with the same thought to continue making Canada a better place to live. Gov’t out of our pockets, lower debt, jobs with the best economy.
    We need the Cons. to make sure our health, education get back to where the student and patient are the concerns not UNIONS. We need the RIGHT TO WORK….get rid of the UNIONS!
    Voters have rights, free speech, courts need to be reigned in.
    I feel that the UNIONS have stolen our voting system…..money speaks to manipulate our voters. Then you have the provincial gov’t getting involved with manipulation…..money speaks.
    MEDIA is running wild no thoughts to what they put out there. Where is real journalism!! CBC needs to be held accountable…tax payers need a say in CBC since it is our money being used to pay them. PSAC UNION out of control….controls needed for UNIONS before the next election or they will take it over once again!


  11. Lyn, Ken, Jack, and others. If you sit out the next election because you can’t compromise, guess what is going to happen? We will have Liberal governments forever. The reality is that Stephen Harper was not the kind of tough guy you folks want. We are a progressive conservative country. No leader who says he will do what you want him or her to do will ever win a majority government. Let the NDP be a fringe party and run on principle. You can’t have influence without being the governing party.

    You know what? I am really tired of the Red Tory bashing. I worked hours and hours on the Harper Government Accomplishment list and wrote posts that were supportive of Stephen Harper and his Conservative Gov’t several times a week for ten years. Over all that time, I never made any secret that I was fiscally conservative and socially progressive.

    The CPC is supposed to be a big tent party, not just for former Reformers. However, if what I believe is not conservative enough for some of you, then I might as well consider quitting blogging right now because I just cannot stand the narrow minded, short sighted bitching.


  12. Sandy please do not quit blogging. I just love your insight. Just sometimes and I mean just sometimes I have had enough of what is going on in this world….and our gov’t. And I will vote in the next election as I want to make a differences! Thanks for bringing me back to earth!


  13. Thank you Lyn. I understand.

    My purpose for this post was not to condemn the CBC per se, although I am no fan that is for sure, but the FRIENDS who claim to be non-partisan and not favouring any one broadcaster.
    I mean, the constant complaint by some conservatives that they are disappointed Harper did not shut down the CBC is naive to say the least. CBC is a national broadcaster. As this Wikipedia site shows, it is owned by the Crown, as in the people of Canada. Meaning, it is not owned by any political party or executive branch, particularly one who got there with just 39.6% of the vote. There are people in this country, particularly in the north, who only get the CBC.

    So, whether some conservatives think it is a liberal political arm or not, which it sure seems to be, no Conservative PM can have its public mandate removed without all Canadians having a say in that decision.


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