#DNCleaks show DNC rigged system by favouring Clinton over Sanders

DNC Wikileaks 1030The latest Wikileaks document drop involves more than 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails and files (Twitter hashtags #DNCleaks and #DNCleak). Lies, corruption, bias, blowback, collusion. Those are not my words. Those are the words that some in the online media are using to describe the truth of the leaks.

For example, here are a few sources that will provide readers with some idea of what those emails and files say — and it isn’t pretty (H/T NewsWatchCanada).

  1. Victor Smith at Regated writes about how the DNC is panicking because Wikileaks is exposing their lies and corruption;
  2. Daniel Halper & Joe Tacopino of the New York Post lays bare how the leaked emails demonstrate how biased DNC officials are for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders;
  3. John Wagner of the Washington Post discusses how there is blowback from progressive groups regarding Timothy Kaine’s pick as VP; and
  4. Reuters highlights the collusion by DNC top officials re an anti-Sanders pro-Clinton bias.

Yes, I know, politics is not called a blood sport for nothing. But, there is nothing sporting about the anti-Sanders betrayal and subversion. Remember, the DNC is supposed to be a neutral organization.

However, over and above the anti-Sanders bias indicated in the #DNCleaks, in my opinion, the allegation of collusion between the DNC, Clinton and the media is the most damaging. I mean, what the leaks expose is the reality that an awful lot of professional mainstream journalists are quite willing to do the DNC’s partisan bidding.

And so, on the eve of the 2016 Democratic Convention, the question is: will Sanders, knowing how the DNC undermined him every step of the way, continue to endorse Hillary Clinton for President?

As well, will the super delegates chosen by the DNC continue to support Clinton knowing what we know now, including what the Chicago Tribune refers to as her contempt for the rule of law.

As a Canadian, I don’t have a horse in this race but I have many American friends who do. I like both Sanders and Trump because they both have a message that rings true, even though they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

However, no matter what messaging comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth at this week’s Democratic Convention, as a progressive Tory, I have a feeling the spin won’t matter because the leaks will have done their damage. And, speaking of damage, for those who would like to check out this first installment of the Wikileaks, they can click here.

The crux of the matter is that the #DNCleaks are going to result in Republican nominee Donald Trump winning in November. Why? Because, Americans are now going to realize the extent of the corruption on the left. Meaning, the 2016 U.S. presidential election is now a fight for the very soul of America.

12 thoughts on “#DNCleaks show DNC rigged system by favouring Clinton over Sanders

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  2. If even one “Professional” Journalist becomes unbiased in Her/His/Other writing becomes a true Professional Journalist due to the Wikileaks emails, then there will be ONE.


  3. Probably true Ken. But, I believe the general public will now be wiser — at least those of us who are on social media. As well, as Michael says, if even one biased journalist improves, that is some improvement. The good news is that, given the links I have, there are many journalists who are willing to tell the whole story.


  4. What is so funny Jan? That the media is liberal-biased? Listen carefully to the words they use.


  5. “As a Canadian, I don’t have a horse in this race ….”

    No, but as a Canadian,the outcome will affect us a great deal, possibly even more than the election of Trudeau at home. We still do 80% of our business with the USA, and Clinton and the Southern Democrats are very much against our oil industry, with softwood lumber also on the agenda. Clinton’s cronyism will only serve to harm Canada.
    Trump isn’t the “nice” guy Republicans and Conservatives are comfortable with, Mitt Romney was,he lost,Stephen Harper was, he lost. IMHO, we’d be better off if the Yanks elect a successful business man with a nasty streak than a pathological liar who ignores the Constitution.

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  6. While no fan of Hillary Clinton myself, I would probably vote for her if I lived in the US. Donald Trump is just too bombastic and scary. I want someone with a decent temperament who makes sound judgment not on the fly. I also have zero tolerance for those who try to pander to racists. I would however probably vote Republican in congressional and senate races to keep Clinton in check and that is the one good thing is in the US you have three instead of one votes so if you dislike one candidate from a party you can still vote that party in the other two. My hope is that Trump gets badly defeated and then in 2020 they can come back with a more reasonable leader, my choice would be John Kasich. Finally as a Progressive Conservative I don’t think being a Conservative in Canada automatically implies one is a Republican in the US as our political centre is well to the left of theirs. You can support a single payer health care system in Canada and still be a conservative (much as Harper and Mulroney both did) while in the US that isn’t tolerated. I should note there are many GOP types who will not being supporting Trump and although most aren’t going for Clinton, one can always vote for a third party. In terms of who will win, I think Trump’s big problem is demographics as 30% of the electorate is non-white and I just cannot see him getting very much support there. He could get 60% of the white vote and would still lose so he could win the White House but demographics are not favourable.

    As for the DNC leak, I think it is sleazy myself and I think like many Americans its less about who you want and more about stopping who you don’t want. In terms of media bias, I think unlike Canada, the US is so polarized that pretty much everyone watches and listens to whatever their own leanings are. If you are a liberal you watch MSNBC while if a conservative probably Fox News. Likewise although television and print media tends to have a liberal bias, this is offset by a conservative bias in talk radio whereas in Canada political talk radio is not nearly as strong and is more mixed in ideology.

    As for who would be best for Canada, I believe Clinton as Trump has promised to renegotiate NAFTA and unless radically changed will rip it up and that would be devastating for us in all sectors of the economy. Otherwise the damage to our economy of this would ten times worse than the brexit was for Britain. Usually Republicans are more pro free trade than Democrats but Trump isn’t a conventional politician. Unfortunately both oppose the TPP so I fear this might kill it which would be too bad. Hopefully our government will try and keep it alive even if the US bows out in order to diversify our trade.


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  8. “As a Canadian, I don’t have a horse in this race”. As Canadians we all have a horse in this race. The damage a President such as Obama has done and God forbid, Hillary, can inflict on Canada should be of concern for us all.


  9. Well, Maggat, in the sense that I can’t vote, I don’t have a horse in this race. I just hope that Americans ignore the anti-Trump biased media and vote for Trump in large enough numbers that he wins a majority of the electoral college votes — which are actually more important than popular vote.


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