What Canada can learn from #DNCleaks re media bias & collusion

Philly protest via NWC 1030There is no doubt about it. Canadians can learn something from the #DNCleaks about pro-liberal bias and collusion between political organisations and the media.

The Merriam Webster dictionary describes bias as “a tendency to believe some peoples ideas are better than others” and “collusion” as “secret co-operation for a dishonest purpose.

And, thanks to those leaks, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that staff and officials at the U.S. Democratic National Committee (DNC), have shown repeatedly that they were biased in favour of Hillary Clinton (over Bernie Sanders) and had secret co-operation with certain mainstream journalists.

Certainly, the U.S. is not alone in that regard. I mean, I have frequently wondered if there was collusion between the Liberal Party of Canada and the CBC. During the 2015 federal election campaign, for example, I used to compare media releases on the LPC website to what I heard on TV and read in print.

And, no, regardless of who appointed the CBC Board Directors, they have nothing to do with day-to-day reporting. In fact, what journalists said and wrote, more often than not, sounded very like Liberal talking points.

Yet, every time I complained of anti-conservative, anti-Stephen Harper bias (e.g., check out my “media bias” folder using my Search command), my complaints were derided as nothing more than a conspiracy theory — exactly what the DNC said when Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders complained that the system was rigged against him. Well, now we know he was right.

Anyway, speaking of a rigged U.S. system, here are some of the highlights from a Heatstreet article titled “Wikileaks Show How DNC Used Foul Language to Insult Fox News Staff, While Praising Rachel Maddow, MSNBC“(H/T NewsWatchCanada).

(1) Regarding the relationship between the DNC and Fox News: “‘Is there a Fuck You emoji?” Communications Director Luis Miranda wrote a colleague who forwarded him FoxNews.com freelance reporter Fred Lucas’ questions about Donald Trump bringing up Bill Clinton’s dalliances….

Lucas politely e-mailed the DNC again three days later asking, ‘I hoped the DNC could weigh in on the appropriateness of Trump attacking along these lines? I would really appreciate any response you have. Thanks very much.’

Palermo then e-mailed Miranda and Deputy Communications Director Mark Paustenbach: ‘The asshole from fox e-mailed us again. I did some research and there’s still no ‘fuck you’ emoji, unfortunately.’”

Now think about that. All Fred Lucas wanted was some reaction to what Trump was suggesting. Yet, all the DNC person could do was ignore him and insult his request.

(2) Regarding the Business network wanting to schedule an interview: “Similarly, in April, Business Insider’s Maxwell Tani reached out about scheduling an interview with DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “After the hit job he did on the [Amy] Dacey piece? Hell no,” wrote Miranda.”

In other words, the people working at the DNC do not seem understand debate and disagreement are the essence of democracy.

(3) Regarding collusion: “Politico reporter Kenneth Vogel appears to have allowed the DNC to review a draft of an article, which is widely considered a violation of journalistic ethics.’ Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it. Let me know if you see anything that’s missing and I’ll push back,’ Paustenbach wrote his colleagues.

Vogel had sent the draft of his story to Paustenbach with the subject line ‘Per agreement … any thoughts appreciated.’ The article looked at whether the Clinton fundraising practices were potentially corrupt.”

There are other examples in the Heatstreet article as well, particularly about the DNC’s relationship with MSNBC and Rachel Maddow. But, as I said at the start of this post, what we now know about DNC involvement in the U.S. media, has been the type of collusion that concerned conservatives in Canada throughout the entire period the Harper Conservatives were governing.

The crux of the matter is that if the 4th and 5th estates cannot be trusted, what checks and balances are there on power in either the U. S. or Canada?

2 thoughts on “What Canada can learn from #DNCleaks re media bias & collusion

  1. Their greatest stupidity was assuming their intemperate meanderings wouldn’t become public. Given online insecurity, it’s best to assume everything you express in media is already in the public domain, so tempering one’s communication is preferred.

    Trapped by email, fed by their arrogance and indifference to security; there’s presidential material, eh?

    Some start to their convention. Now a group has hived themselves off from the other delegates. How much more “help” for Trump does Mr Putin have planned? Know this – he has all her emails; Obama supports a NATO buffer brigade to (sit around with their ,,,) to “deter” Russia.

    Newsflash: deterrence already failed with Vladimir took the Crimea.

    In the year of the US anti-establishment insurgency, the DNC has pushed Hillary in front of a political blowtorch. Then Hillary appoints Debbie as honourary chair of the election team. Gong show underway; Trump can’t believe his luck.

    The Bernieites are not amused as the closed circle of Dem/progressive control of the media, judiciary (Ginsberg anyone?), security, the AG/FBI and education now excludes them from the leadership process.

    Some of the Bernieites who vote has indicated they’d go for Trump, the anti-establishment (how ironic) candidate. The DNC, by trying to tip the scale for Hillary, may have done so for Trump. Imho, Hillary has peaked out somewhere around 47% and is hoping to bob and weave (nobody told me the Libyan embassy staff sent 600 requests for additional security; nope never heard a thing) “leadership,” the voters are noticing and learning more about her.

    And it’s all bad. But, she is at the other Clinton bookend of the polarization of the American political culture and death of their effective partisanship, with Bill putting the first on the shelf with his sexual peccadillos and subsequent impeachment by the Hillary coined “vast right wing conspiracy.” Now she wishes to continue Obama’s left leap.

    Yes they’re enlightened despots, so everybody wins right? Wrong, even Hillary admits US incomes are stagnant.

    Unless something changes, she’s toast, and maybe the Congressional and gubernatorial elections along with her. The fact of the matter is she is obviated from ever holding either a security clearance or office in the federal government; and the voters know it regardless of her and Debbie’s Sergeant Schulz routine.


  2. Great analysis Phil. I hope all this has an effect on the CBC. Yet, I doubt it. I just listened to the noon news and there was only upbeat info on the DNC Convention. It is like the CBC folks live in another universe.


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