Are Canada’s media & Trudeau ignoring data exposing climate change as a scam?

NASA-LogoThe Justin Trudeau Liberal government thinks it is a leader on climate change and most in the mainstream media are his cheerleaders to that end. Yet, according to James Delingpole in a post at Breitbart, climate change warming is a scam.

Which begs the question: Why are the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet continuing with their march to a national carbon tax?

No I am not a “denier.” I am a former social science researcher who is looking at reality. Climate change or global warming, whatever you call it, is a scam that got started in earnest when NASA and NOAA scientists started using computerized climate models in the late 1990s. And, by using those models, they were allegedly able to fabricate new data that showed 20th century warming to be much more dramatic than previously thought. (H/T NewsWatchCanada).

Yet, interestingly, according to Delingpole, NASA’s James Hansen didn’t always believe in the warming narrative either. Was he a denier when he wrote in a 1989 report that: “In the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country.

So, what changed with the hard data between 1989 and now? What changed, was not the weather record per se, but the way the climate scientists use the computer models to get their results.

Which brings me to the climate change narrative we are hearing and reading about in Canada. The media not only does not question the changed assumptions, but is an uncritical advocate for Prime Minister Trudeau’s “sunny ways” mantra. Which is absolute folly when you realize that in 2010, Canada’s emissions were only at 1.7% of the worlds emissions.

The carbon tax will also be a travesty because, contrary to what the politicians tell us, they will “not” be revenue neutral. Not only will more Canadians lose their jobs, but many manufacturers and exporters will close up shop because their prices will no longer be competitive internationally. As well, we will all have a reduction in our standard of living because our hydro and home heating costs will rise significantly.

Which is why, when I watched the video when former PM Stephen Harper said good-bye on Friday, August 26th, 2016, I was reminded of how self-destructive so many Canadians were to elect a progressive Liberal government whose Prime Minister and Cabinet wants to be a world leader on an environmental approach that is based on a scam.

5 thoughts on “Are Canada’s media & Trudeau ignoring data exposing climate change as a scam?

  1. The governments of and in Canada are ignoring fact-based criticism of climate change for the most basic reason : they are desperately short of money.

    Kathleen Wynne rules in a Province that has lost most of it’s manufacturing base since the 1980’s, B.C.’s Christy Clark rules over a Province that has lost most of it’s forestry and mining revenues,and we never did have much of a manufacturing sector.

    Justin Trudeau rules over a Country in the same financial shape, broke, with only resource exportation to draw on,and massive opposition to that from much of his voting base.

    Remember Wynne’s pathetic statement a few months ago that legalizing marijuana would bring the Ontario government a billion dollars a year in revenue? Desperately wishful thinking by an ideologue who has not only run out of ideas on how to revitalize the economy of her Province, but never had a clue to begin with.

    That’s the big danger in electing people who have never worked in private industry,they have a civil servant’s view of economics; run short of money? just raise taxes or fees.

    So,Justin and the rest will maintain the fantasy that climate change is real and an impending peril,while,ironically,the multi-billion dollar businesses who support the political parties continue to conduct business as always.

    One of the most amusing items I’ve read is that on one of the Pacific islands that is supposedly in danger of being washed away by the rising waters of a globally warmed ocean, a consortium is currently building a billion dollar resort and is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.

    If anyone wants to know the real truth about climate change, I suggest they research the policies of the big insurance companies and especially the re-insurance companies. They are carrying on as if AGW/CC is completely mythical , and that, more than anything,indicates it is.

    Keep a close watch on PM Trudeau’s current trade venture to China. According to Forbes business magazine China wants more high quality Canadian coal. It will be educational to see if our beloved PM agrees to ship more coal to China to use in their highly polluting power plants. I am betting he will,with not a mention of it in our Press.

    AGW/CC is gruel for the masses,the people who count don’t even consider it.


  2. Mr Harper was attack dog’d from day one by the mediocracy and so-called intelligentsia, all wise sages of spending others’ money, before even becoming PM.

    It was the time honoured progressive projection of their inferiority onto Harper. He was the mean spirited one, the bully with a minority government, and finally the Duffy enabler, which all turned out to be a big bust, just like the “deficit” and the “modest under $10b infrastructure deficit.”

    Ah yes golf courses getting refurbished everywhere at taxpayers’ expense, all with borrowed money, as Michael Campbell recently pointed out. Opportunity cost? What’s that? No need to factor that in, it’s spread so thin, though now a thick lacquer impinging on Canadian productivity, thus prosperity and thus her citizens’ liberty.

    As for the mediocracy and their double standard. Not so they say, a single standard – theirs, what they agree with, nothing else matters or even exists. Their narrow metropolitan view of identity based society is good enough for them.

    Because of that it’s not only OK but a civic duty (just ask the NY Times) to stamp out non-progressivism. Remember two things; like Hillary says, always sort of try to tell the truth, and if something isn’t “reported,” it didn’t “happen.”

    So now that their progressive selfie cabin boy is in place it’s let’s all be nice and patient, don’t sweat the small stuff folks, like $20K photo bills and a our climate change coterie larger than even the Americans’ giant sucking machine.

    No just be happy and pay up because, well everybody knows Canada is a big “polluter.” If you’re poor, find a way to be happier with a lot less. The science is further settled with every adjustment of uncooperative raw data to match models.

    Because they’ve been right all along. Remember, because deniers are racists, it all has social license, which helps the poor, which it doesn’t. We’ll find out what actually caused climate change later; meanwhile we make money from air.

    Such selfish, abominable statist fatal conceit, contradicting social justice in every conceivable manner; this is progress?

    BTW now that the progressives are “back,” all is forgiven, now there is no such thing as small stuff, like confirmation wafers; just them and us, but them with our money, now and well into the future, an already $billions in broken promises, all for the Justin Society. Meanwhile I hear Greece is still SNAFU; they’ll get it “right.” Justin can help.

    He’s only on his eighth vacation this year so don’t sweat it; I say the longer he’s outside Ottawa the better for Canada.


  3. It’s really strange Russ. At the end of the week I put up a post and it didn’t go up on the BT aggregator. Then, the next day I did another post and it and the earlier one went up together. Since then, I have published a few posts and not one has gone up.

    Same domain. Same URL. Same Twitter account.

    I have tweeted Stephen Taylor but he won’t talk to me anymore because he says I changed my link too many times. Thing is, I have been blogging for more than ten years, starting on Blogger. So, of course, I have changed locations a few times and made improvements on my site. It’s called technology upgrades. I also corrected a problem he asked me to fix. My original domain was and apparently my hyphens were causing havoc so I changed the domain.


    Anyway, there is nothing further I can do but hope whatever the problem is fixes itself. I mean, if two posts could go up, there should be no problem.


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