Kellie Leitch is right about screening immigrants re Canadian values

kellie-leitchKellie Leitch is currently running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, a position she is well qualified to hold.  She not only has political and governing experience but she is a well-respected pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

So, what precisely is so wrong with what she asked in a survey such that the entire political class thinks the sky is falling?

She apparently asked if Immigrants and Refugees coming to Canada should be vetted in terms of whether or not they accept Canadian values.

Well, duh? Is that not simply common sense?

I mean:

  • Do we really want people to come to our country who believe in honour killing simply because their female children want to wear western dress?
  • Do we really want people to come into our country who don’t believe women are equal to men?

Yes, I know, people can lie to be accepted. But, what we have here is a politically correct fear of asking — for one reason alone — of being called Islamophobic.

Why? Because the majority of immigrants from European countries, Australia and/or the East, once here, usually try very hard to fit in to Canadian society. Many Muslims from the Middle East do not.

In fact, oddly, Muslims from the Middle East try to make Canada into the hell hole country they left. Prayer rooms in schools. Acceptance of niqabs. Wanting Shariah law in family courts. I mean, take a look at this Google page and you will see to what extent some Muslims want to change Western society.

Anyway, does my telling it like it actually is make me Islamophobic and a bigot? No, it does not, because everything I say is true. What it does make me feel, however, is fear, fear that certain immigrants and certain refugees not only won’t agree to accept established Canadian values, but openly oppose those values.

So, Ms. Leitch, hang in there. Ignore the naysayers because you have the silent majority behind you.

One more thing, ignore all the politically correct naysayers regarding the so-called snitch line. No one, in all the time in the year since you made that announcement, has said what help is actually out there for any young female who is threatened with genital mutilation. No one. Meaning, instead of dealing with the issue, they sweep what is happening under a politically correct rug.

The crux of the matter is that political correctness is the biggest danger we have in our society today and I am thankful that at least one of the Conservative leadership candidates — Kellie Leitch — has the guts to stand up and say it like it is.

O Canada! Some of us continue to stand on guard for thee!

22 thoughts on “Kellie Leitch is right about screening immigrants re Canadian values

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  2. Kellie Leitch is right on both counts Canadian Values and the so-called snitch line. Trudeau is taking us in the wrong direction! Trudeau wants us to follow what the UN has set forth for climate change money down the drain for what!! We need a person that has the guts to speak their own mind. I think Kellie Leitch is the person!!

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  3. You have a point there MikeM. All those who scream Islamophobia are using our own tolerance levels to their benefit — as in “O no, I can’t be called a racist.” Never mind the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race.

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  4. Kellie, I support you 100%. PLEASE don’t soften your stance. We need someone to stand up for Canada against the islamic hordes whose intention it is to destroy this and other Western countries. I DO NOT WANT MY CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN TO HAVE TO FIGHT THEM WHEN THEY COULD BE STOPPED NOW!!!!!!

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  5. I’m with Kellie Leitch on this one as well and even more impressive is she is not backing down., we need more of this. People are fed up with PC crap and like it or not Trump’s support in the US is proof the voters in the US are as well.


  6. Here we go, Wynne has prorogued government. I’m starting to think the byelection woke a few people up…running scared comes to mind.


  7. Wonder why we are paying obscene prices for power when we have the cleanest and cheapest source called Niagara Falls?


  8. Good question Liz. I live down the river and it doesn’t affect our hydro bills any more either. Why? Probably because not all communities are online for that source of power. Sad but true.


  9. I’m told, for example, that the Adam Beck generators are taken off line frequently to make up for wind and solar. Crazy!


  10. More correctly Wynne prorogued the Legislature…..seems like we may just have a crisis in the making…..Too bad she couldn’t be forced to resign…One can dream.


  11. Many Conservatives coming out swinging against Kellie’s stance. Should we be surprised?


  12. On the Wynne prorogation , what is it really about? She said prior to the byelection the PC’s can’t promise to lower hydro rates unless they go back to coal. So how can she shunt that one aside and tell us she has the magic solution to lower rates? She can shove a 10% reduction scheme, it won’t put a dent in the mess.


  13. How about all the money Wynne is spending on in your face prime time ads essentially bragging about her programs? This is one that really is a disgraceful waste of money she doesn’t have, another addition to the largest debt in our history. She used Suzuki with a group of scared looking young people in one of her ads on climate change, he doesn’t “work” for nothing. We need some kind of protection from incompetent people who lead a majority government.


  14. I agree to a point but what works for the goose can work for the gander. The problem is that progressives would try to dump a legitimate conservative gov’t in a minute. Re the prorogation. Wynne is simply trying to change the channel. Can she? I hope not.


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  16. I’ve never seen someone re-elected with an approval rating as low as Wynne’s. Heck even Harper had aroudn a 33% approval rating when he got defeated. Her approval rating is similar to Greg Selinger’s and he got badly defeated this past April. Now I still wouldn’t count the Liberals out, but if in a year’s time her approval rating hasn’t gone up, she is probably done. My biggest fear is more she resigns as anytime you choose a new leader they tend to do better. Gordon Campbell in 2011 and Dalton McGuinty in 2012 both had worse approval ratings but resigned and their successors both managed to be re-elected. I believe if she stays on she is likely toast. Otherwise I am very optimstic about the PCs chances in 2018 in Ontario. I am less so about ours federally though mind you the Liberals have been in power for 15 years so usually after that long people are ready for a change whereas federally it will only be 4 years so even though Trudeau is following a similar path, people tend to cut you more slack in your first term for mistakes than subsequent ones. Off course I hope the Tories win federally and they still can, it will just be difficult but not impossible.

    I am however probably supporting Michael Chong for leader although if Lisa Raitt enters I might support her. Otherwise it will be one of those two who I plan to support. I like Maxime Bernier’s plans but I feel he is probably too libertarian to win so I will vote for him if he wins the leadership, but won’t support his candidacy more out of fear he is unelectable, otherwise the focus for conservatives needs to be on what is doable, not necessarily perfectly to our ideals. My hope is if we cannot win in 2019, at least increase our share of the popular vote and seat count so we have something to build on and I believe with Raitt or Chong we will do better than in 2015 even if we come up short, whereas my fear is with any of the others there is a real risk of doing worse. Off course Peter MacKay is also a good choice although I would still take Raitt or Chong over him, but I would rank him fairly high up nonetheless.


  17. We await the big fix on Monday, can’t see where she has much room to maneuver. Suffice to say she and her crew have been given a strong message, they are running scared.


  18. I like Kellie now Monkey and would also like Andrew Scheer. Youngish man, lovely family. And, fluently bilingual as well. He would do well along side JT. Time will tell if he will enter the race.


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