Free speech in Canada except when we talk about Muslim values

Kellie Leitch was right to bring up the topic of screening immigrants and refugees for Canadian values — a topic I wrote about last week here and here.   Leitch was right because it has opened up the opportunity for a national debate — finally.

Of course, the progressives and liberal media are all over Leitch for daring to bring up the topic. Their favourite put down, it seems, is to compare her views to those of Donald Trump. This is laughable because Trump has millions of supporters and could very well win the U.S. election in early November 2016.

All the criticism ignores reality. There was a recent Canadian poll,  for example, that showed 67% of us think we should do more to screen immigrants. Then, of course, there is the inconvenient truth that Canadian values include “free speech.”

Strangely, no matter how many Islamic terrorism episodes we see happening throughout the Eastern and Western world, the media doesn’t think we should talk about them in realistic terms so that we don’t offend Muslims. Just imagine this type of politically correct reaction in the 1940’s when, as my mother has told me repeatedly, the media and political establishment talked freely about Nazi terrorism. I mean, terrorism is terrorism.

Anyway, for the latest:

  1. Check out the CBC’s “At Issue Panel” from Thursday, September 8th, 2016. In their second segment (Line 650), they talk about the motivation for Leitch to bring up this topic. All three journalists — Andrew Coyne, Chantel Hebert and Jennifer Ditchburn — couldn’t imagine why she had done so other than for strategic reasons. Huh? I mean, these are usually excellent mainstream journalists, yet they seem so out of touch with reality. Can’t they see why so many Canadians are scared about the society they are going to leave their grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Talk about head-in-the-sand thinking!
  2. Check out the Sunday Night Panel on Wendy Mesley’s National (above). The three panelists were John Kay of the Walrus, Adrienne Batra of the Sun, and Alamin Abdelmahood of Buzzfeed Canada. You can listen to the whole video but the key part is towards the end at line 11:14. Abdelmahood suggests that talking about screening immigrants from the Middle East is racist. Wow! Which motivated me to look up what he has written at Buzzfeed. As expected, he called Donald Trump’s ideas racist. The thing is, Islam is not a race, it is a religion and Muslims coming from the Middle East represent many ethnicities.

The crux of the matter is that screening immigrants is common sense. Talking about such screening is an aspect of “free speech” that we are allowed under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  And, to throw epithets like “racist” in our faces is nothing but political correctness and extreme intolerance of differing views. I mean, imagine how Muslims would react if they were called racists simply for complaining about Christians!

Yes, one of the positives of Canada is that people of all sorts of ethnicities and religions are welcome to come to Canada, but, and this is a big but, they need to be willing to tolerate all Canadian values, not try to change our society to be like the wretched ones they left behind.




13 thoughts on “Free speech in Canada except when we talk about Muslim values

  1. This is exactly the reaction we would expect from that panel, they are so predictable. I can’t stand the sight of any of them, if that means I’m intolerant, so be it. When truths can’t be spoken, when we waive the right to offend and be offended we have political correctness, the best friend our enemies or potential enemies could have.

    Since when is screening people who enter your country, given the global threat of terrorism, going to offend anyone?


  2. I meant I can’t stand the sight of the panelists, they seem to be against what is plain common sense . We value our freedoms, including freedom of speech.


  3. Wonder why Trudeau didn’t think it important to attend 9/11 ceremonies in Ottawa? Was he afraid of offending someone? If it was a family day for him he should think of the families who lost loved ones on that dreadful day, including Canadians, and have shown up along with Goodale.


  4. However let’s make a Real & Bold Statement; Start with the proven corrupt and proven inept by their own activities the Liberal Party of Ontario.

    Corrupt; The PARTY paid a Fine, of their own determination of $ 15,000.00 for deliberately destroying the Computer Records of the Premiers Office when the Scope of more than a Billion Canadian Tax-funds was documented as the cost to select and elect Legislative Seats for the Liberal Government of Ontario.

    Inept; Within Day’s the Liberal Government prorogues The Ontario Government when it becomes obvious the Liberal Party has no Idea of the difficulty for Ontario Citizens to live safely under the Present Liberal Majority Rule Government.

    Bold Statement and Action Plan; all Ontario Ctizens living within an Ontario Riding represented by a Liberal Party Member to notify by either email; twitter; letter or Phone Call for that Liberal Party Member to resign His or Her Liberal Party Membership & Sit in the Legislature as an Indepemdent Member. This will very shortly eliminate the Majority Government the Obviously Corrupt & Inept Sitting Government.

    This is urgent and important. As of today there is a New Governing Party. Do not allow the proven Corrupt and Inept Kathleen Wynne proceed to the Lieutenant Governor with a requisite list of Liberal Party Supporters. If a truly Bold & Proper Staement of becoming an Independent the Liberal Party Member to be Honest to themselves need to refuse to be part of the Liberal Party supporting represntatives without a New Leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario and a New UnCorrupt and Capable Cabinet.


  5. I’m not sure what you are getting at Michael. Real and Bold Statement? I certainly don’t mind “off topics” as most regulars know, but I don’t want to write about the Ontario Liberals because they are beyond corrupt. The other problem is what is the alternative? Patrick Brown?



  6. That’s interesting Liz. Why would he not attend 9/11 ceremonies in Ottawa. I mean Canadians died in that Islamic terrorist attack.


  7. A little off topic, but since big news, what are your thoughts on Peter MacKay opting not to run? I think it has both opportunities and risk. Opportunities in that it will be a real race vs. coronation, risks in that you could get a candidate who no one really likes but doesn’t offend anyone so the party isn’t united behind them, think Dion or Ed Stelmach. On balance though probably a wash. I also fully understand with how nasty politics is today that he would find the private sector more rewarding.


  8. I think McKay has his priorities right, he has two young children and politics isn’t the best mix with family life at that stage.


  9. Any thoughts on Wynne’s band aid announcements? I think those band aids are for the benefit of her and her crew of bad managers and outright incompetents. Hydro bills will not be fixed as long as long as we have those windmills turning. Surely people know we are again being treated like idiots.


  10. Hi Liz. Frankly, I have little to say about Wynne because, where do you start? The Liberal government is simply corrupt from top to bottom. My problem is Patrick Brown. I used to be able to write that Tim Hudak would do a better job. Now, what do I say? The one issue he could have championed — sex ed — he ran away from and is still running away from. All he had to do was say he would review it and make topics age appropriate, etc.

    So, if Ontarians are so stupid (make that Toronto and GTA voters) as to vote the Liberals in again, I can’t get excited about it.

    I just can’t imagine how Brown won the ONPC leadership.

    Sorry to be so negative. Sigh!


  11. I agree with your take on the mess. Where do we go from here? I have told those who call for money a big NO, I cannot support stupidity and am fed up with politics in Ontario. There’s no sign of that changing. We are left with an arrogant corrupt government whose style conscious leader comes out with the cat the canary smile, waving to her subjects . Why are so many people happy to have their intelligence insulted by these people, or am I being presumptive re intelligence?


  12. The thing is Liz, only those in the large centres voted Liberal. The rest of Ontario is PC or NDP. Mostly PC. If 3 million in Toronto vote Liberal no matter what, nothing we can do. Yet, its strange, any relatives I have in TO say they voted PC. Yet, I remember when I worked for the PC MPP between 1995 and 1999, there were a few MPP’s that came from what is now Toronto — Scarborough and Etobicoke — went heavily PC. And nearly all of the GTA right up to Hamilton and even some ridings in Hamilton. But, demographics change obviously. I will eventually vote PC but I just can’t get my hopes up as Brown is more liberal than John Tory. Nothing wrong with being a red tory. That is how Ontario has gone for generations. But, Brown’s acceptance of AGW was the last straw for me. By all means he should propose taking care of our environment but blame human beings for the problem?


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