Few are blogging about education or politics anymore

As I said in this post’s title, few are blogging about education or political issues any more. Nor are people leaving comments and getting involved in discussions or debates.  In fact, it seems that blogosphere has pretty much jumped the shark and been replaced by Twitter. So, see you there @sandycrux.

3 thoughts on “Few are blogging about education or politics anymore

  1. 🙂 I do not think that the blogosphere has been replaced by Twitter.

    Blogging in the traditional sense usually requires the usage of more words and people who deal with educational and political matters usually have a lot to say.

    As a matter of fact, I came across lots of posts that were based on Politics and Education via the WordPress Reader.


  2. Nice to hear from you Renard.

    I started blogging in late 2005 and wrote daily posts between then and 2015. I was the one who wrote the “100 Harper Government Accomplishments.” During those years I had upwards to 2000 or even 3000 visitors a day — with maybe 50 comments on most posts. Then, after the Trudeau Liberals won, visitors gradually fell off as more went to Twitter. In 2015, I dropped the conservative politics and continued just with education. But, the number of visitors I get now is very low. So, after nearly 15 years of daily blogging, I am tired and believe I have a good feel for the way things are going. My husband has a specialty bike blog which continues to get lots of visitors, although few comments. Which means, some kinds of blogs are hanging on.

    What I may do is add back some of my popular political posts for posterity. LOL

    Anyway, good luck with your blog.

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