Ontario’s full-day JK/SK “only” option divisive

Update: It has occurred to me that Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Ontario Liberals are using the same divisive strategy that the federal Liberals under Michael Ignatieff are using and what Levant is calling the “Graves Strategy.” In McGuinty’s case, he introduces a full-day JK/SK program but says “don’t worry, be happy,” parents can still choose the half-day if they want. Now, we find out that is not the case at all. In fact, before too long, the full-day JK/SK will be compulsory. If parents don’t like that they can keep their young children at home until Grade one. 

Then, this week they try to sneak in a sex education curriculum and when the Premier has to back track, he blames Christians and fundamentalists. In other words, the divide and conquer approach seems to be the Liberal way. If anyone complains, they are homophobes, anti-immigrant, anti-progressive or stay at home parents who simply don’t count. Disgusting!

Original post starts here: Ontario MPP Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton) is right to sound the alarm that once the Early Learning Program (ELP) (aka full-day JK/SK kindergarten) is implemented in Ontario public schools, parents will NOT have the choice between a half-day program and a full-day program. Rather, the choice — which isn’t really a choice for parents — will be for their child to either participate in the full-day program or remain at home until they are six years old.

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McGuinty gov’t to approve full-day Kindergarten

Can you believe it? Half-day kindergarten is fine the way it is. Very few parents are clammering for change. Yet, the Dalton McGuinty Liberals are pressing ahead with all-day junior and senior kindergarten in spite of a $25 BILLION dollar deficit. Check out this and this (H/T Jack’s Newswatch).

And, they are pressing ahead knowing full well there is a huge fight brewing with the teachers’ unions who are demanding that only qualified teachers teach the full-day. Well, as I have written before, during my career I have taught in both teacher education and Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs and I can say unequivocally that ECE instructors are very well qualified to do what they do. Teachers can be in charge of the formal curriculum (half the day) and ECE instructors the other half — involving resting, play and social interaction.
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