Writing services for students, like plagiarism, is cheating & life ruining

I just saw this link on Twitter @9PapersMarket. Their ad says: Paper Writing Serviceget papers, dissertations, and more written for you. Starting at $5.00 talented writers are waiting to write for you.

Then, on their main page, they say there is no plagiarism. Huh? Plagiarism is cheating. Having someone write your paper is cheating. Okay, so they may be different types of cheating. But, they are both fraud because a person is claiming to have done something they haven’t done!

Do these “student” writing companies have any idea of the consequences of cheating like this? Putting it succinctly, it can destroy lives.

As a former academic I have seen it happen. Professors are not stupid. If your paper sounds more advanced than what you wrote before in another paper or on an exam question, they will interview you. If you don’t have all the ins and outs of the pre-research for the paper in question, they will know you are a cheater. There are also APPS to catch cheating, such as this word cloud program at turnitin.com which is good even at the high school level. There is also Grammarly for fact checking for plagiarism.

So, what happens if a university student is caught cheating?

  • He or she will have a mark on their transcript for life.
  • Likely, they’ll be kicked out of their program.
  • No other university or college will accept them.
  • Their future employers will know when they ask for an academic reference.

My advice to all secondary and post-secondary students is to do their own work. That is why they are where they are — to learn new things, not how to cheat in the hopes of getting away with it.

And, yes, cheating can be addictive. If they get away with it once or twice, they’ll be tempted to continue. Eventually, however, they’ll get caught, one way or the other. As many who have cheated have found out, even later in life, the previous act of cheating can bite them.

I mean, check out this Google page. There are nearly 400,000 entries of people who have been fired for plagiarism which is very similar to having someone claim as theirs, what someone else wrote.  In fact, more often than not plagiarism is just for small sections of a paper, which in this case, is the entire paper!

Anyway, the very idea that a ghost writer could write someone’s dissertation is nuts. It can’t happen in any reputable university. Thesis supervisors are all over the process or they should be. And, remember, the final oral defence is with a very tough committee that usually consists of your thesis advisor, another inside reader and at least one outside reader. For sure, if a person has not written what they are defending, it will show.

Professional writing services that are contracted by business people and politicians are a very different matter. It is the student services that are the problem.

The crux of the matter is that writing services that do what students should do themselves should all be shut down as illegal and I am surprised that Twitter allows such advertising.