Dyslexia Help

Here is a Podcast and a few posts I have written over the years, based on a textbook I wrote in the early 1990s, that explain what dyslexia is and what kind of strategies and technological aids can help. The list also includes articles on how memory and organizational difficulties can have an impact on reading ability (as well as on spelling and writing).

Summary of dyslexia and what can be done about it. (Link)

A podcast on overcoming reading fluency problems. (Link)

Dyslexia Part 1: What can be done about it. (Link)

Dyslexia Part 2: Using a tape-recorder to improve reading. (Link)

Dyslexia Part 3: Strategies and compensatory (technical) aids. (Link)

Dyslexia Part 4: How organizational strategies can impact reading. (Link)

Dyslexia Part 5: Explaining role of memory strategies. (Link)