Sandy’s Learning Strategies Book

Sandy is the author of a textbook on learning & study strategies meant to help individuals with learning disabilities. Even though it is written specifically for adult learners in continuing education, college or university settings, the methods and techniques can also be used with children and youth (aged 8 and above).

The design on the book cover represents a specific 8-step multi-dimensional literacy strategy that — presented in Chapter Two — begins with reading a story or text, tape recording the text into a tape-recorder, listening back to what was taped, noting or highlighting key points, developing a flow chart, writing a summary based on that organizer and, lastly, discussing the main idea(s) and/or drawing conclusions about what was read.

Published first in 1991 (but still current), here is the ERIC link & to publisher, who now sells their books through the University of Toronto Press(under “adult education”).

Update January 2019: I say my book is still current because most ideas and methods discussed are cognitive and still relevant. If I were to do an update, what I would have to add are examples of the many types of software and Apps that will help people improve their reading and language skills.