Port Colborne elementary school cancels Halloween!

Can you believe it? If it means kids having fun, schools are cancelling it. Can’t have that. Now its about Halloween, traditionally a day to recognize the dead. In our culture, it is about trick or treating. That’s it. Nothing sinister.

Last year I wrote about how some schools were cancelling the annual Halloween parties and parades for politically correct reasons. So, it seems the trend continues to upset the majority in favour of the few. Which is a shame because one of the safest locations for such a dress up party is a school auditorium or sidewalk around a school yard.

Back in the 1970s, when I was teaching elementary school, the one or two families per class that disagreed with Halloween simply kept their children home on the day of the dress up parade. Why the change? Why are schools changing long held Canadian customs to accommodate the few?

I mean, schools are actually cancelling Halloween!

This year the party poopers are officials at McKay Public School in Port Colborne Ontario, although there are plenty of  other schools around who are cancelling the dress up day as well.

Or, in their words, simply changing Halloween to be a more inclusive “Spirit Day.” I hesitate to ask  how Spirit Day will be significantly different?

I mean, for an example of what happens when well meaning people take political correctness to the extreme, check out the bottom of this Peta page regarding Easter — to eat your veggies, not your friends. 

Anyway, to all those who love Halloween and hand out treats at the door, enjoy the children and the fun they have. I know I will!

Update re “Is Halloween being destroyed by political correctness?”

Update November 2nd: I agree with parent Kim Holford who said on Charles Adler last night: “Canada can’t become a blank slate that everyone can write on except us.” Exactly. But that, it seems, is precisely what the politically correct want.

Black and Orange Spirit Day? That may not offend the few who feel “uncomfortable” with Halloween, but it sure offends the majority. I mean, don’t we count anymore?

By the way, the original Samhain Festival was not devil worship, it was simply the day and night the people celebrated the harvest and made sacrifices to keep bad spirits away for the new year — shutting down their own fires and building community fires instead.  Remember, the early people were superstitious and knew nothing about science.  In fact, even later it was connected to remembering the Christian martyrs who died for their faith, as well as the recently departed.

So, nothing about Halloween is actually about the devil or black magic. Rather, it is about the departed — as in the dead — and keeping bad spirits away, just the opposite to what some think Halloween represents. See the link in my Endnotes for a complete history.

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