McGuinty gov’t refuses OHIP for blind 2-yr-old Liam Reid US treatment

Credit Globe and Mail.

Of course, officials at the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) say they can’t talk about an individual case due to privacy laws.

Well, fortunately I have no such limitations, given the family has already spoken to reporter Caroline Alphonso at the Globe and Mail.  

As Alphonso reports, Liam Reid is two years old and will be fully blind by the time he is four if he doesn’t continue to get treatment by a world renowned surgeon in Michigan — treatment that is not available in Ontario.  And, indeed, Alphonso provides plenty of evidence that the treatment really is not available in Ontario. (H/T NNW)

Anyway, the family has been attending the Michigan clinic for nearly three years now but has run out of money because OHIP refuses to contribute anything towards their costs. Why? Because the McGuinty government is cutting expenses.

Now, normally, one could understand the cut backs, given the size of the Ontario deficit. But, why is the McGuinty government cutting back on health care — be it the out-of-province funding the Reid family needs, or the closure of the Thistletown Regional Centre — when they continue to spend billions of dollars on subsides for wind energy that are costing us far more than we take in? 

Plus, as my fellow blogger Joanne wrote at Blue Like You last month, the McGuinty Liberals are spending millions paying for energy we can’t even use.

How very sad.

In the final analysis, however, whether OHIP comes through or not, I hope that some way is found that Liam Reid’s family gets the funding they need to stop the progression of Liam’s condition. And, if they have a fundraiser, perhaps someone could let me know via my Contact Form and I’ll add that information as an update to this post.


Update: I have heard from one of Liam’s aunts. The blog where people can donate for Liam’s care is:  A facebook page is and the twitter handle is:


Endnote: For further information on how much money the McGuinty government waste’s on wind energy, check out the archives at and

Health minister Matthews deflects blame to Hudak for cancellation of West Lincoln?

West Lincoln Hospital

When I read this article in the St. Catharines Standard, I just couldn’t believe the anti-PC bias in the way it is written. 

It is about the recent cancellation of a renewed West Lincoln hospital project in Grimsby and was written on May 4th, 2012 by Standard staff Jeff Bolichowski and Shawn Jeffords.

Basically, even though Bolichowski and Jeffords admit they couldn’t reach Ontario Liberal government Health Minister Deb Matthews, they use her words from a CKTB radio interview that deflects blame for the change in status to PC Official Opposition Leader Tim Hudak.

Given that media treatment, is it any wonder Ontarians keep electing the McGuinty Liberal government? For example, Bolichowski and Jeffords wrote:

After taking several swipes at PC Leader and Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Tim Hudak, Matthews said when the economy took a hard turn the government had to review all spending.’This project will, at some point, move forward. I’m sure of that,’ she said.” [My highlighting.]

“Matthews slammed Hudak for remaining ‘completely silent’ on the issue until the rally. She said at that point he began to pressure the Liberals in question period at Queen’s Park. ‘He’s never raised the issue of West Lincoln, ever,’ she said.” [My highlighting.]

Never raised the issue, ever? Yet, she admits in the same interview that Hudak did ask questions this past week after the rally.  I mean, as long as the project was going ahead, what should Hudak have asked the Health Minister: “Are you lying about the hospital going ahead?”

No, this is simply double-speak and deflecting criticism! And the media allows her to get away with it! In fact, even now, after the huge rally of 12,000 people, the Liberals are spinning, saying the West Lincoln project is only on hold.

In the final analysis, what does Hudak have to do with the decision anyway? He is the leader of the opposition, not in the governing party.

 I mean, shouldn’t the media be asking Matthews why the $1.2 billion mega hospital in Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s riding is still going ahead– particularly since the people of West Lincoln have already raised the $14.5 million asked of them by the same government that is now, allegedly, reneging on the project?

For those unfamiliar with the West Lincoln Hospital, it is a very old hospital that, even in its current condition, is home to a wonderful obstetrics team. My granddaughter has had two children there. In fact, women from all over Niagara prefer to go there to have their babies than to hospitals in the larger centres.

Why? Because it is friendly and allows mid-wives, doulas (birth coaches) and fathers to provide support alongside an obstetrician.

Consensus media ignores fact ON Liberals rejected PC debt resolution

How many Ontarians know that Ontario PC MPP Ted Arnott tabled a resolution in the Ontario Legislature yesterday to develop a long-term debt plan? And, how many Ontarians know that the McGuinty Liberals rejected it outright? The answer is likely no one, or very few who are willing to talk about it.  Why? Because  the consensus media will not report anything that makes the McGuinty Liberals look bad and boy, does this rejection ever make them look bad!

Frankly, the only reason I know about this issue is because I am on the Ontario PC caucus e-mail list — you know, the same list that goes to the MSM.  Therefore, is it any wonder that some Ontario PC supporters assume leader Tim Hudak and the PC caucus are not doing enough or that press releases are ineffective. Well, readers can decide for themselves. Here is the news release and Hansard record I received today (and only available on Google so far), with a few brief quotes from it below:

“Despite the government’s rhetoric that this [Budget 2012] is an austerity budget, in fact, there is very little austerity in it. Spending is actually up over last year by almost $2 billion, from $124.6 billion to $126.4 billion. Last year’s deficit came in at $15.3 billion. This … budget projects a deficit of $15.2 billion.”

“Over the past year, the overall provincial debt that each Ontarian owes, will rise from $17,766 last year to $19,243 this year. It was $11,339 when the McGuinty government came to power in 2003. This government will have increased that number by almost $8000 for each and every Ontarian, in just nine years….”

“This year, they will pay more in interest on the debt than they will spend on post-secondary education, more than they’ll spend on transportation infrastructure and more than they will spend on economic development….”[My highlighting.]

So, is it any wonder the Ontario PCs won’t vote in favour of the current Liberal budget when they plan to increase spending by almost $2 billion dollars while only reducing the deficit from $15.3 in 2011 to $15.2 billion in 2012? Yet, somehow the Liberals think they can pay off the deficit by 2017. Magical thinking anyone?

Anyway, when the inevitable question comes up: “Yes, but what would Tim Hudak and his PC Party do that would be different from the McGuinty Liberals?” Well, take the time to either read my interview with Hudak or his verbatim response in the legislature to the budget. It’s all there. There is no equivocation. There is no closet progressive hiding behind his rhetoric. As he said to me, he comes out of the Mike Harris tradition and those values are how the PC Party would govern Ontario.

Endnote: Here is a post on the Ontario Debt clock by Jon Siemko at Tory Redux. It is also on my links list on the right sidebar (H/T Jen). I can’t put it up on my site, unfortunately,  because I am on the server and JavaScript is not allowed. As well, check out Joanne’s post about the McGuinty government “green energy” disaster, one of the main reasons behind Ontario’s fiscal problems.